New from Power Maxed is Summer Jacket™ Nano Shield, which is an easy on: easy off nano sealant for those who want nothing but the best protection. The Summer Jacket™ Sealant can be used on the entire vehicle including glass, plastics, alloys, steel and rubbers. It provides a superior gloss for your paintwork and chrome.

What is Nano Shield?

Nano Shield is a brand new next generation nanotechnology coating, which protects and enhances the appearance of automotive bodywork in one simple step. Within seconds Nano shield bonds to the surface. Treated surfaces are much more reflective, and extremely hydrophobic. It is based on More >


As used by the Laser Tools Racing team in the British Touring Car Championship, this high powered, professional quality, cordless impact gun (part number 6314) features hammer action and forward/reverse control.

The racing team technicians like this impact gun because of its compact size and low weight which provides more control and usability. However, most of all they like its ability to deliver 2400 blows per minute with a staggering 750 Nm of torque —  punch you’d normally expect from an air-powered impact wrench. This makes for very fast wheel changing!

Thus it is ideal for professional workshop use, particularly important for More >


Nice wheel for a kitcar

MOMO has just announced its new Dark Fighter Wood steering wheel, which is a cutting edge design with a classic twist – or maybe a classic design with a cutting edge twist, depending on your point of view?

Either way it combines a style that is suited to a classic or kitcar, with a modern ergonomic design and utilises attractive and practical materials.

Naturally it has been produced in Italy from the finest materials – a combination of air leather and mahogany wood with a black ‘air leather’ centre pad surrounding the iconic MOMO Italy horn push button.

The More >


Plug leads take a lot of abuse, especially from engine heat as they are right there next to the exhaust, it’s the poor old spark plug boots that get it the worst. Often they’ll give up before the rest of the wire set does.

Taylor has come up with a solution. The Extreme Series ignition wires feature ceramic boots that can withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees F, well past the point where conventional boots would simply fail. That’s a huge plus for racing and vehicles with supercharged or turbocharged engines.

Summit Racing offers two types of Taylor Extreme Series leads: ThunderVolt More >


Burton Power is now offering a manifold to allow a single DCOE or DHLA carburettor to be fitted to almost any engine that uses the DGV or DGAS carburettors.

The adaptor manifold is suitable for use on the Ford Essex V6, SOHC Pinto and Kent Crossflow GT engines. The manifold converts the carb orientation from down-draught to side-draught to avoid any bonnet clearance problems that might occur with these larger carbs.

The manifold can be ordered as Part No FV450 and retails at £89.95 inc VAT and can be ordered at the other end of 0208 554 2281 or from ENDS.

More >


Euro Car Parts, official prime battery supplier to the RAC, has launched a new range of Lithium Ion motorcycle batteries by leading European distributor Landport (LP).

Sure to be very appealing to kitcar drivers with bike-engines powering their cars, the new range was originally developed for racing. The super-light LP Lithium Ion batteries weigh between 0.4kg and 1.5kg. This represents a massive weight saving over standard lead acid motorbike batteries, which generally weigh around 4-5kg but can be as heavy as 8.7kg.

Thanks to an innovative design, featuring four terminals instead of the usual two, just eight part numbers cover virtually every More >


Edelbrock’s Elite II Series air cleaners and valve covers build upon the legendary Elite Series launched in the 1980s. Made from heavy-gauge diecast aluminum, they have a classic raised fin design with blacked-out fin recesses for added visual punch.

Designed to fit most common carburettor configurations, Edelbrock’s Elite II Series air cleaners come with a black anodised nut to complete the installation. The air cleaners feature Edelbrock’s exclusive Pro-Flo air filter, which is washable/re-usable for a long service life.

Each filter has a handy Pro-Charge™ strip that indicates when the filter is ready for cleaning. Replacement filters are also available separately. Elite More >


Mini Spares is now offering new competition lightweight flywheels in EN24 alloy for race-spec A-Series motors. The flywheels weigh in at just 3.6kg and are available in inertia starter and pre-engaged starter versions.

EN24 has better wear and shock resistance than EN8, which can fret on the crankshaft of highly-tuned race engines. The EN8 alloy, which is widely used on flywheels, is only a medium strength carbon steel but is easier to machine and is suitable for most applications.

EN24 is more stable as it is a high-strength alloy steel (nickel, chromium and molybdenum) and provides the extra strength margin for extreme use More >


MOMO has just released its new Win Pro Evo Alloy Wheel. This is a classic five-spoke rim featuring a slightly dished centre section and a combination of gloss anthracite with diamond cut spokes.

The Win Pro Evo is available in diameters from 16in-18in and four or five stud fitment and is Run Flat and TPMS compatible in certain sizes. Prices start at £145 inc VAT each for the 16in variant.

More details from 01268 764 411 or via ENDS.



FOLIATEC spray films have rapidly become a must-have car styling product, with owners making modifications by simply picking up a spray can and easily applying individual highlights on to their car’s rims.

To ensure that you are able to enjoy these cool highlights for a long time FOLIATEC now offers quick help in a can. A new product, spray film cleaner works effectively against road dirt and brake dust; by preventing the surface from quickly becoming dirty again the applied spray film is effectively protected.

The specially-developed cleaning foam from FOLIATEC is acid-free and easy to use:

400 ml cans of FOLIATEC spray More >