This new flexible honing brush set from Gunson (part number 77135), includes three silicon carbide brushes: 8mm (width) x 80 grit, 12mm x 60 grit and 200m x 60 grit.

Ideal for cleaning and preparing brake wheel cylinders, etc, each brush is a resilient, flexible honing tool and is used to improve the internal surface finish while also being able to deburr a bore or cylinder. Also useful for cleaning suspension components when there is corrosion on tapers and cotter pin housings, etc.

The 1/4in quick change shank makes the brushes quick and convenient to use, recommended drill speed is 300-700rpm. The twisted wire centre features a ball-end to remove the risk of sharp ends gouging or scratching.

The set is good value and available now for a typical price of £40.20 inc VAT but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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