Latest model from the pencil of Stuart Mills of Mills Extreme Vehicles is the Exoleader although it will be badged and sold as an ‘AM’ as it’s been developed for Czech Republic-based, MW Motors, with whom Mills collaborated on the Luka electric vehicle.

The Exoleader has been developed from the very popular Rocket model but has revised suspension geometry, longer front wishbones, better weight distribution and according to Stuart, a stiffer exo-skeletal chassis.

Unlike the Rocket that usually has a 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine, the Exoleader although developed around Toyota Corolla T-Sport unit delivering 190bhp, production versions will feature the all-new Ford EcoBoost 2-litre engine delivering a spiffing 280bhp. A VW option will also be offered I’m told.

Although clearly displaying its origins the Exoleader has received a makeover with the front end around the nosecone being the most obvious. Our photo shows the prototype being loaded on the lorry taking it to East Midlands Airport for its journey to MW Motors’ GRP manufacturers in China before it goes to the Czech Republic. MEV will handle sales in the UK.

It’s early days yet but fully built prices could start as low as £10,000. More on this one soon.

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