Vindicator F4 Open Day Saturday 15th October 2016, 10 – 4pm at Vindiworld.

A chance to visit and find out more about the Vindicator F4, a car inspired by the F4 Phantom jet fighter.  The car started life as a sketch on a piece of graph paper, and has matured into what you see here. It’s now almost in its final incarnation after further refinements, which included a change from a 2.5-litre engine with manual gearbox to a 3-litre automatic, working canopies, and a colour change from the original silver bodywork to a deep cherry/black.


Canopies up, ready for the next co-pilot!

There will be opportunities to ‘co-pilot’ the F4, on a first-come, first-served basis, plus a chance to meet the owner, Peter Gallop who brought the original sketch to Vindicator Cars.

Other Vindicators will also be on display, with some of them available for demos.


F4 sitting next to a Sprint Family outside Vindiworld.

Refreshments are available, including a ‘Chip Run’ at about 1pm.

Please contact them for more info, or if you would like map/directions (this is recommended as the postcode can be a sat-nav ‘black hole’!)


The prototype F4 leaving on a demo

You can call John on 07886 177 531, or send him an EMAIL or visit their website at ENDS.