The word ‘legend’ is bandied around far too readily nowadays, all too often applied with no real thought or perspective. One firm we think more than warrants ‘legendary’ status though is Forge Motorsport, the Gloucestershire based aftermarket parts supplier that has been a stalwart of the UK’s modified car scene for an amazing twenty years in 2016. Such a mammoth milestone deserves a special celebration, so the guys at Forge have opted to throw open the doors of their HQ for a handful of lucky customers to tour and enjoy.

Forge Motorsport might now be one of this country’s best-established and most revered suppliers of alloy go-faster goodies, but it certainly wasn’t always this way. The firm built its reputation up the old fashioned way, by spotting key gaps in the market, then filling them with carefully developed and beautifully engineered products, more often than not constructed from stunning high grade alloy.

Since launching from an unremarkable looking warehouse back in 1996, Forge has grown and expanded, and it’s now the go-to company for high-end tuning gear like dump valves, intercoolers, braided fluid lines and much else besides.

A large part of Forge’s undeniable appeal has always been its willingness to do more for the tuning community that keeps it in business, and a great example of this are the regular ‘Brunch Club’ car meets that it throws at its well-appointed workshop.

Those seeking to get an even closer look at the inner workings of Forge’s headquarters will be thrilled to learn of its latest celebration, one that will see THREE Golden Tickets hidden inside key products within the Forge Motorsport range. Those lucky enough to get a ticket will be entitled to a once in a lifetime tour of the Forge factory, with an expert guide showing them how everything from blow-off valves to intercoolers are constructed, with a smattering of special gifts and freebies thrown in for good measure. The three tickets will be valued at rising increments of £100, £200 and £300 for a trio of lucky winners to spend as they wish.

“We’re proud to have been a part of the tuning community in this country for such a long time, though the last twenty years seem to have flown by,” explains Peter Miles, MD of Forge Motorsport. “We continue to develop new and innovative products on a weekly basis, we’re constantly striving to push the envelope but we also know that we simple couldn’t do it without such a strong and committed customer base, so this is a great way to give something back to them and to give a behind the scenes look at what we do.”

Forge Motorsport’s Golden Tickets could be hidden inside various products, so if you’re in the market for one then happy shopping and good luck, you might just find yourself being shown around tuning Nirvana!

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