If your air-cooled classic is in need of some additional motivation then an SSP 1776cc engine might just be the kick in the rear it has been searching for.

Produced in the UK on an ISO9002 certified assembly line, it’s built around an all-new full-flow ready aluminium crankcase and features a host of brand-new components and high-performance goodies.

044 spec big valve heads are partnered with stainless steel SCAT rocker covers, an Engle 110 camshaft, 69mm counterweighted crankshaft and I-Beam rods all ensure strength and reliability, not to mention the potential to create decent power once you have bolted on your carburettors More >


New in Tenzi’s Pro Detailing range is P14 Si Quartz protection, which is a very versatile Si 02-based spray coating that can be used on car paint, glass, rubber and plastic trim.

Its wide array of applications makes it unique I think (I may be wrong) and I personally don’t know of another product that can be used on so many surfaces (Angel Wax Corona Wax, maybe).

I tried it extensively on my two-tone Smart ForFour and useless products are always highlighted on that hard-to-clean paintwork, a mix of ABS panels and steel. By contrast, P14 Si was a breeze to use More >


Avatar project up for grabs

Always good to hear from Terry Matthews, boss of Marlin Sportscars and we have a bit of an exclusive of a Marlin nature this week. Sort of.

I’ll let Terry explain further.

Hi Steve, I understand that there have been a few rumours going round that Marlin Sports Cars is under new ownership. As we are not quite ready to make an official announcement yet I will just say for now that yes, it is true and very exciting. Watch this space for a full update very soon

In the meantime, this brings me on to let you know More >


New from our friends at Car Builder Solutions is this Lucas-style large, classic 110dB (!) wind horn.

It’s a replica of a Lucas WT618 high and low note horn and in period was OEM fit by the likes of Rolls-Royce, Morgan, Austin, Lotus, Bristol, and some Triumph models.

Equally hilarious is that Matt Foreman at CBS has now added sound files to the company’s website so you can hear the various beeps, blows, blares, blasts, rootles and arooogahs!

Part number LUHORN features a quality cast alloy horn body with domed ABS cover and is available now at £84.

More from ENDS.

More >


Water rails are designed to simplify the cooling system and plumbing of the engine when installed in-line in a rear-wheel-drive kitcar.

Zetec engines have water outlets at the back of the head; in most RWD applications these original outlet housings foul the bulkhead. Water rails are designed to transfer this outlet to the front of the engine thereby making the plumbing simpler and neater.

Burton Power offers two different water rails for the Zetec E engine. Both Water Rails are suitable for the Ford Zetec E 16v Silver Top -05/98 engine and the Ford Zetec E 16v Black Top 05/98-.

The first, from More >


Cutting my teeth on a magazine called Kitcars & Specials (there’s a clue there) back in the eighties, it’s quite obvious that I have an attraction to hardcore, scratch-built cars.

Indeed, in recognition of this our ‘new’ magazine ‘Classic Kitcars & Specials’ tips its hat to my origins and more importantly to ‘special’ cars.

I’d heard of Jack Fisher but never met him and until I got my teeth into this cracking little biography, I had no idea that he’d built a laudable 22 specials during his lifetime.

Shamefully, I was only aware of two of them, the Fisher Spyder and Fisher GT. More >


Muc-Off, the global leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care and maintenance (a lot of their stuff is ideal for kitcar use, too) is excited to launch the all-new High-Pressure Quick Drying Degreaser.

This innovative new product comes with a high-pressure turbo spray action and heavy-duty formula which cuts through dirt and grime in seconds. Its unique quick-drying ‘zero residue’ formula evaporates after application to leave the area clean and dry, with no need to rinse after use.

“It’s epic to be able to release an innovative new product that makes light work of tough maintenance tasks that can be messy and time-consuming. More >


Webcon has updated and returned to production its downdraft inlet manifold for the Ford Pinto engine.

This manifold will allow the fitment of a single Weber 32/36 DGVDGAV, 38 DGAS/DGMS or DCD type two-barrel progressive carburettors as well as the Webcon Retroject Electronic Fuel Injection Throttle Body.

The Webcon manifold for the Ford Pinto can be ordered as part number MW4232A and many original linkage parts are also available. The retail price is £346.27 inc VAT.

Available from 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


This is a very handy device that I can see being attractive to TKC Mag/totalkitcar readers.

It comes from Honiton-based Retronics and is a fiendishly clever Voltage Tester. A deliciously simple yet robust device it is ideal for fault-finding electrical foibles – and/or finding live wires – on your kitcar.

It is available for both positive and negative earth cars for 6v, 12v and 24v vehicles.

Available now priced at just £12.99 via ENDS.


The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym have expanded the company’s range-topping Ultra High Definition line with a new product that represents the pinnacle of more than 56 years of advancements in car care treatments.

UHD Polishing Compound is Autoglym’s ultimate paint renovation blend, an easy-to-work cream that is designed to make swirl marks and other light to medium paint defects vanish before your eyes.

  • Autoglym UHD Polishing Compound. Pack contains 500ml polishing compound, 160mm medium foam renovating pad (white), 160mm soft foam refining pad (black), and finishing cloth
  • Professional paint restoration and polishing formula
  • Designed to be used with dual action machine polishers
  • Creates More >
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