News from Joey Lee’s Aeromaster Sportscars based in Sofia, Bulgaria this week.

The company has just unveiled their new LMP PRO Chassis for their Bentley Speed 8 replica.

Joey takes up the story: “It took us about two years of development. The main aim was to keep the classic and original look of the Le Mans winner Bentley Speed 8 while
offering a much stronger, safer and reliable chassis.

“There are dozens of key features on the new chassis that we added or improved by
design and quality over the previous chassis design we offered.

“All the pipes are now CNC-laser cut, assembled and welded on precision chassis jigs that allows us to reach new levels of accuracy and repeatability of the manufacturing process. The weight of our LMP Pro chassis is 368kg.”

Nicely put, Joey.

So, included in the chassis kit is the main chassis frame with roll-cage, front and rear
sub-frames, suspension A-arms, uprights, rear wing structure and door

The uprights are CNC-milled from aluminium and the wheels are forged custom made to Aeromaster’s specifications. The safety rate is significantly improved thanks to clever optimisations in the chassis design and a roll-cage with more and stronger tubes to protect the driver and the passenger in the case of a mishap.

Joey again: “Currently, we offer both the Basic and PRO chassis packages. Basic chassis package features our original chassis from 2012 and it’s perfect for budget builders due to its simplicity that helps keeps the cost low.”

For trackday use, the new chassis can accept engines up to 1000bhp and on both versions, Aeromaster can offer a bespoke, laminated safety glass windscreen with E-marking for road use.

For details about the new LMP PRO package, visit: ENDS.