Up to 60 per cent of an engine’s internal friction is caused by piston ring movement in the cylinders. The solution to that problem is to use thinner rings. That’s great, but if you’re running a high-output four-cylinder engine – especially one running gobs of boost – you also need piston rings that can survive the extreme temperatures and stresses that engine has to endure.

Hastings SNH Series Piston Rings are what you need. Designed for use with aftermarket performance pistons that use a 1mm x 1.2mm x 2.8mm ring configuration, the SNH rings free up horsepower by reducing friction but are designed to live in the high cylinder pressure and temperature conditions of a sport compact engine.

Top Ring
The 1mm stainless steel top ring is gas-nitrided to increase the hardness of the outside diameter and sides of the ring. This hardened layer provides excellent wear and scuff resistance. It also makes the ring more resistant to micro-welding, a condition where material from the piston groove is transferred and ‘melded’ to the ring material. This prevents the ring from moving freely in the groove or can cause the ring to get stuck in the groove. 

Secondary Ring
The 1.2mm secondary ring is made from graphite-impregnated nodular iron that makes it extremely detonation and wear-resistant. The rings have a Napier profile with a hook groove, or step, that forces the bottom of the ring to fit tightly against the cylinder wall.

That improves oil scraping and acts as a reservoir for stored oil to drain back to minimise any upward oil migration past the ring.

Oil Control Ring
The 2.8mm Flex Vent Control oil control ring assembly has a stainless-steel expander ring and rails that are gas-nitrided for excellent wear and scuff resistance in high-RPM naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. The Flex Vent assembly meters the oil film on the cylinder wall for proper piston lubrication. The expander supports the rails in the piston groove and applies force on the back of the rails so they scrape oil from the cylinder bore.

Summit Racing carries Hastings SNH Series Piston Rings in these bore sizes:
• 81mm and 81.5mm
• 82mm
• 84mm and 84.5mm
• 85mm
• 86mm and 86.5mm
• 87mm and 87.5mm

V8 enthusiasts can get the same benefits of the SNH Series rings with Hastings’ Stainless Steel Performance Piston Ring Sets.