The royal-warranted car cleaning experts at Autoglym are delighted to release Reflow, an innovative and extremely effective new product that is able to restore paint damage caused by bird droppings – and all without any additional equipment or effort.

Contrary to popular belief, the damage etched into vehicle paintwork by bird droppings is not caused by acid but by repeated thermal cycles. These gradually force the clear coat to mould itself around the deposit and therefore create an impression of that shape within the paint surface, often in the form of a faded or dull patch.

Of course, this can be avoided by immediately removing any droppings and cleaning the paintwork with other Autoglym products, but sometimes that is not possible.

Interestingly, Autoglym’s development team realised that their understanding of how a clear coat is detrimentally affected by thermal cycles also provided the solution as to how a clear coat* can be restored by one carefully controlled thermal cycle. This is exactly what Autoglym’s trademarked Reflow technology delivers.

Each of the Reflow thermal transfer packs has been designed to treat an area of paintwork by creating an optimal environment for the clear coat to reverse the damage. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, an exothermic reaction is started that brings the Reflow pack to a precise temperature for a specific length of time, enough for the paint to soften and reflow.

As the pack cools, the clear coat resets itself, effectively healing the affected area within just 30 minutes.

As we have come to expect from Autoglym, the treatment process is extremely simple and leaves the product to do all the hard work. And in so doing, it leaves a perfect finish without the risk of additional defects such as holograms or swirl marks, which could be introduced by alternative methods such as machine polishing.

Autoglym Reflow is priced at £30 and contains five individual thermal transfer packs for multiple treatments. The new product now joins the company’s impressive armoury of cleaners and surface treatments for all kinds of vehicle paintwork.

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