The latest product in Turtle Wax’s brilliant Hybrid Solutions line up is Leather Mist, which cleans, conditions and protects quality leather be it in vehicles, boats, around the home, you name it, really.

It’s a pleasant, fresh-smelling PH-balanced formula that unlike some rival products isn’t horribly greasy, while it doesn’t leave irritating residue behind. What it does excellently is keep your leather hydrated, protected and fed while getting rid of dirt, soiling and unsightly stains.

According to the blurb I read on the product it contains a special blend of Aloe Vera and cocoa butter that gets deep into the leather while leaving behind a glossy and usable level of UV protection.

The cherry on the top of this particular Turtle Wax delight is that it comes with the new Flairosol trigger spray, which really is a massive advancement on existing spray triggers.

Not only are they a cinch to use but you really target where the product goes that giving maximum protection where you need it while not wasting the contents of the 591ml bottle, which has a retail price of £13.290.

More information from ENDS.