New from Scottish car care maestros, Angelwax is Legacy Titanium Ceramic Coating, which unlike a lot of similar sealants is actually very easy to use. Some of these products can leave you needing a chisel to remove.

Legacy doesn’t require time to ‘cure’ using an infra-red lamp like some and once applied it will protect the surface of your vehicle from fallout and crud and makes maintenance much easier while leaving a super glossy finish.

A 30ml bottle (a little goes a very long way) costs £44.99 and is available via www.angelwax.co.uk ENDS.


Here’s a really useful fuel line repair kit from Britpart that will help keep your fuel system in tip-top condition and is the sort of handy little box that should be in all of our garages.

It repairs damaged fuel lines as the name implies and Britpart says that using their kit you can make a repair in less than five minutes.

Using OEM-quality materials the kit makes it easy to identify what you require thanks to some great product descriptions and is mega easy to use. It is supplied with quick connector spigot connections.

Priced at £74.80 inc VAT – get yours More >


Here’s a neat way from Laser Tools to flush your cooling system and a genuine step up from the traditional way of performing the task. It uses clean water with the added bonus of the workshop’s compressed air supply.

Connect up to a hose on your car’s radiator, attach the water supply and the air supply to the tool and you are good to go. Once you press the trigger you get full power flushing.

The tool features five of the most popular pipe size connections from 19mm to 40mm and the trigger clip can be left attached for a few minutes More >


When it comes to braided hoses, AN and JIC fittings, hose ends and related hardware, a company with over 25-years’ experience and long favoured by specialist car enthusiasts is Cheddar-based, Speedflow.

Their products are beautifully engineered and benefit from ongoing research and development and the company, run by Fay Fischer, have a solution for any performance hose and/or automotive plumbing problem. This is especially handy in the kitcar world where many car builders create bespoke plumbing that requires a bespoke bit of problem-solving. That’s where Speedflow can help.

Fay has a background in motorsport so understands that requirements aren’t always the same. More >


Ace VW tuners, Darkside Developments of Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire run by Scott and Ryan Parkin, has been appointed as official UK dealers for the marvellous KTM X-BOW. Sure, it’s not a kit but as I’ve continually said over the nigh-on 20-years of doing this website if a car is interesting and specialist (oh, and I like it!) then it’ll always be welcome within these pages! So it is with the X-Bow.

These days three versions of the car are available – R, GT and RR. Even the ‘standard’ R variant features more carbon-fibre than you can chuck a stick at from More >


Laminova Heat Exchangers from Merlin Motorsport are an alternative and very effective way of cooling your engine oil. In basic terms, the Laminova is a billet aluminium housing, which is connected to the oil lines and the coolant (water) lines.

The oil circulates around the outside of the housing and core while the water passes through the centre of the core. The oil temperature is usually greater than the water temperature, so the water draws the heat from the oil.

Laminova has many advantages:

  • More compact than using a conventional air-to-oil cooler meaning it can be tucked out of the way neatly.
  • Stronger than an More >


Innovative dash cam manufacturer, DDPAI, is pleased to announce the launch of its ultra HD dashcam, the Mola N3. With the number of cars increasing, dash cams are becoming a new favourite gadget for drivers to ensure that they can capture crucial evidence in the event of an incident and quickly resolve any disputes by recording their entire journey. The Mola N3 is the latest release from DDPAI with great quality and field of vision and is available from Amazon.com for $59.99 and Amazon.co.uk for £49.99.

Prioritising high-quality recordings, the DDPAI Mola N3 provides ultra HD recordings with six sets of full-glass lenses with infrared More >


Sealey’s NEW Winter Promotion is valid until February 28, 2021. The 64-page promotion is packed with over 550 products and includes discounts up to 55 per cent off list price and even free items.

Take a look at the new LED186 Slim Folding Inspection Lamp. It’s really useful for those confined spaces at a thickness of only 9mm. The inspection arm can be rotated 180° and folded. It features a 1 COB LED, which produces up to 550-lumens and a 1W SMD LED on the end for use as a directional torch.

The main light has two different lighting modes High/Low (550lm/220lm) More >


Trackdays are the safest place to find the limits of your car and your driving abilities. More practice can make you a better driver, but a good coach can help even more. A qualified instructor is one route to go, or you can get Garmin’s Catalyst for real-time, in-car instruction to improve your driving ability at any track, in any car, whenever you want.

The Catalyst takes your driving data and combines it with pre-loaded information about the track you’re on to deliver real-time audible driving tips via a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo or headset. Garmin’s True Track Positioning Technology uses information More >


Not a dedicated kitcar piece obviously but seeing as most kit and specialist car enthusiasts have a bit of a fondness for the Beetle I thought I’d run it.

A classy modification you’ll get to enjoy every time you open the door to your beloved VW Beetle. Tidying up the door aperture and hiding scuffs with their polished stainless-steel presence, they are simple DIY fit; you just need to drill a couple of holes to secure them.

Suitable for all years of VW Beetle Saloon, however, they won’t work on Cabriolet models, due to a different heater channel shape.

For a few pence More >

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