The Type 9 Gearbox has, for decades, been the preferred gearbox choice for many Ford Escort and Kitcar applications.

However, the gearbox’s standard ratios had a very low first gear, ideal for caravan towing but poor for motorsport applications.

Replacement close-ratio gears have proven increasingly expensive over the years. Now, Rally Design, in partnership with Blackline Gears, has manufactured a limited quantity at a mid-range price.

The ratios selected are those which have proven most popularity.

1st – 2.390    2nd – 1.540    3rd – 1.210    4th – 1.000     5th – 0.870

The gearsets feature:

*  Close ratio gears, quiet helical drive, synchromesh

*  Separate gears assembled on the layshaft

*  Uses Ford original mainshaft

*  Only available short input shaft (suit four-cylinder engines)

*  Ally top cover and heavy-duty gearstick optional extras

Price start at £789.90 inc VAT with more details from 01227 792 792 or ENDS.