The traditional tarpaulin or sail eyelet or grommet is used on many applications, from HGV and utility vehicle tarpaulin covers to boat and yacht sails. Press-studs, eyelets and popper-type connectors are used on a host of different classic car models on their hoods and tonneau covers. Originally fitted by leather-aproned craftsmen with special tools handed down through the generations (probably), all these two-piece grommets, eyelets and press-studs are readily available but how do you fit them now? Reach for these two new specialist grommet and eyelet fitting tools from Laser Tools (part numbers 7881 and 7882).

The 7881 kit is aimed at commercial vehicle operators and includes the G-clamp style fitting tool (which can be screwed or clamped onto the bench, or even hand-held), with a 12mm and 16mm anvil and punch set. The tool ensures proper alignment of the mating components during the press and crimp process. It operates smoothly and produces a professional result every time. A 12mm and 16mm hole punch set is also included plus a selection of 12mm and 16mm grommets. Intended for tarpaulin covers and HGV side curtains.

The 7822 kit includes the same fitting tool but with a more comprehensive range of anvils, punches and dies that can be used for fitting grommets, eyelets, press-studs and poppers. Ten hole punches are included from 2mm up to 16mm and four sizes of grommet/eyelet are supplied: 6.5, 9.5, 12 and 16mm. Press-studs and poppers are also included. All these consumable items are available separately for both kits.

Professional tools for the professional workshop and available now from your Laser Tools stockist — the 7881 kit is typically priced at £201.17, the more comprehensive 7882 at £316.99 (prices include VAT). Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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See the 7881 and 7882 in action on the Tool Connection YouTube channel: