With the temperature in my garage turning decidedly nippy recently, it made me realise that a bit of heat while I’m working might be a good idea.

Therefore, the press release for the Clarke Devil 2000PTC arrived at the right time. It features a composite aluminium and ceramic PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heater element.

This means that it heats up quickly, self-regulates its own temperature, dishes out uniform heat and at just £41.99 inc VAT it is extremely cost-effective.

More information from www.machinemart.co.uk ENDS.


The MOMO Mod.03 steering wheel is designed specifically for use in rally or drift cars. The deep-dish offers the driver maximum control and the yellow leather marker on the top provides a quick reference to the position of the steering.

The wheel is finished in a choice of either black suede or black leather and features two black – or two blue – aluminium spokes and the iconic MOMO Arrow logo appears on the horn button as proof of pedigree.

All MOMO racing steering wheels are produced in Italy and are of the highest quality with anti-corodal aluminium frames. The suede or More >


Webcon’s Weber 40DCOE18K, the 1960s-era carburettor is available again, but now uprated to K Spec! For decades, the Weber 40DCOE151 has been the performance carburettor of choice for most engine tuners. However, if a more ‘period’ look was desired the only choice, until now, was to obtain an often worn-out secondhand unit and rebuild it. But not anymore!

Webcon has announced the reintroduction of the Weber 40DCOE18, a carburettor that is well-known as being original equipment on the 1960s Lotus Elan, but which is now being manufactured in uprated K spec. Look out for the tell-tale ‘K’ suffix on the box.

The More >


Monday’s feature was but eight miles from TKC/totalkitcar towers. However, I had to travel a bit further afield on Tuesday, about 150-miles further west, in fact and a journey to sunny Poole in Dorset.

Once upon that town would almost certainly have involved Ray Christopher’s GTD or in later years Lionel Gooch’s Super Stratos or Jon Ridd’s Gaia Cars, but those three have long since closed their doors, so on Tuesday I was in Poole for a visit to Tech Autos run by Dan Walsh.

A full and indepth feature on my visit and the activities of Dan, which primarily revolve around More >


Catching up with the backlog of features that I couldn’t do at various times over the last ten months and I’ve been out and about this week.

First off, I was at CCK in High Hurstwood on Monday morning to watch as Hawk Cars’ beautiful aluminium-bodied Cobra Daytona replica was put through its paces. There’s been plenty of East Sussex’s finest input in this car’s build.

The paint has been applied by the artisans as Kingswell Coachworks, the engine and suspension set up carried out by AJ Barnard Engineering of Bodiam, while Shaun Rainford’s rolling road was used to set up the More >


The days when every town in the UK, almost had a company offering a kitcar build service have gone. I’m guessing because back in the day most manufacturers didn’t offer a build-up or turnkey service.

There are still some good ones – strategically placed in the country it seems – about though. Sussex Kit Cars close to totalkitcar towers in East Sussex is one, while Lancashire-based John Clarkson Kit Cars is another. Across the Pennines in Hull is RoadRunner Racing and they’ve worked on a wide cross-section of cars and makes. Then, located in Coventry, is Martin James of Irntam Kitz.

Sure, More >


There have been lots of superb book releases in 2020, which is great given that we all had a bit more time on our hands and also another sign of the renaissance of the hard copy publication!

When considering my personal book of the year award there were several live wire candidates and until just recently it was a toss-up between Steve Saxty’s brilliant book ‘Secret Fords’ or the great book on the life of the late John Haynes…

However, a late entry and just about snatching victory is Richard Heseltine’s ‘Excess All Areas’. A well deserving winner even if this review More >


These new hose reducers from Car Builder Solutions will find favour with many kitcar builders and enthusiasts. You can choose from three sizes – 63mm to 50mm (part number #AHR6350), 76mm to 63mm (part #AHR7663) and a 76mm to 50mm (part #AHR7650).

They are 80mm long and have a 1in wall thickness. Prices from £13.20 inc VAT, with more information from www.carbuilder.com ENDS.


The brilliantly named On Its Arse car care range is one I’m fond of and the comedic name belies the fact that their products are very good.

They’ve just been in touch to tell me of their open weekend on December 12-13, which also coincides with their move to larger premises.

They’ve even got a brand-new special product to help them celebrate – Project Xmas, which is a standalone, quick detailer spray. It leaves a silky-smooth finish that enriches gloss and enhances paintwork to a mirror-like shine.

Having used it last weekend I like it despite iffy weather doing its best to spoil More >


The Watt’s linkage (also known as the parallel linkage) is a type of mechanical linkage that allows the axle of a vehicle to travel vertically while preventing sideways motion. As the name implies it was invented by James Watt and was included in his patent specification of 1784 for the Watt steam engine.

In spite of its long history the concept works just as well today and it forms the basis of the Burton Watts Linkage kit intended for the Ford Escort Mk1/2 (but given the kitcar applications that can use it highly applicable here) made for Burton by GRP4 Fabrications.

The More >

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