Mirka UK is introducing a new and improved formula for all its Mirlon Total grits, designed for both machine and hand sanding, providing 20 per cent higher cutting performance, better mechanical strength and increasing the product’s lifespan.

Developed using Mirka’s innovative Total CoatingÔ technology, Mirlon Total features an open and flexible structure and strengthened fibres that make it stronger and last longer.  It is more aggressive than Mirlon and produces a dense, balanced cutting and scratch pattern and rapid result for both wet and dry sanding.  The double-sided abrasive collects and attracts the dust from the surface delivering excellent dust extraction.

Applications include e-coat scuffing, primer and bumper sanding, edge and hard to reach areas, door jambs and pockets sanding, blending, base coat denibbing and clear coat sanding and denibbing.

The grits are colour coded for easy identification:  360 (red), 800 (black), 1500 (grey), 2500 (beige).

In addition, Mirlon Total comes with a new interface pad, based on a patented spacer backing construction, enabling 77mm and 150mm non-woven discs to be used on power tools.  The pad’s mushroom-shaped hooks allow the non-woven products to stick well to the interface and avoid the fibres getting caught in the backing pad.  As there is no need to use velour, both sides of the interface pad can be used, making it cost-effective.

Steve Smith, national sales manager ART of Mirka UK, said:, “With its improved cut and scratch pattern and longer lifetime, we’re confident users will discover the comprehensive benefits of Mirlon Total for a whole range of applications.  And with the added benefit of the new interface pad, machine sanding just got even better.”

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