If the name Neil Yates sounds familiar that’s not surprising. He was formerly one-half of the Adrenaline Sportscars operation, the Cornish company that produced the Subaru Impreza-based Murtaya.

When that company hit the buffers in 2010, Yates, by his own admission, wasn’t left with much. “A bicycle to get around on,” is how he describes it. Therefore, faced with that situation he had to literally get on his bike. Falling back on his beloved rallying he founded a new operation called Rally Prep in St Columb Major. Since 2011, he’s been preparing cars for a bank of customers around Europe.

As if to prove its effectiveness and yep, that word ‘potential’ again, he has his own electric vehicle, the WEV Coupé that uses his PACES platform. It’s not available as a kit and prices start at £75,000 but clearly, along with the Classic Mini, the 356 Speedster and its derivatives have a lot of love to share around. Neil chose it because he’s had a love for the Porsche since he was a child.

There’s a choice of two electric motor outputs, with a 40kWh battery and a target range of 230-miles between charges.

Find out more at the other end of 01637 498 184 or www.wattelectricvehicles.com ENDS.