I really like the family-run (the Aistons) Liquid Leather brand and in addition to their considerable knowledge with all things hide they are also the UK distributors for the New York-based Gliptone car care brand.

They’ve been around since 1947 and are massive in their home state and environs, while they were pretty much known here in the UK for their own leather products. Indeed until Paul Aiston and his son, Tom started marketing them people didn’t realise the extent of the Gliptone car care line up.

There really are some outstanding products lurking within their large range – Emerald Clean APC is brilliant as is Tyre and Trim Jelly and Pro Buff, to name but three. Another one I really like is their Rimguard With Glipguard wheel cleaner which is an easy to use wheel cleaner and protector in one product.

It’s safe to use on all types of wheel and protects against wear, oxidation, winter road salt, brake dust and general crud that gets caked to our wheels. Equally as good as the product is its price of just £10 for a 22-oz spray bottle. It’s a star this product.

I recently did a 25 product wheel cleaner group test for another magazine and I’d say that if this was in that test it would have been troubling the top products. I’d certainly say it would have won on value for money.

The company has recently launched a shiny new website which can be found via www.gliptoneeurope.com ENDS.