You’ve got original factory wheel nuts and you’ve got the wheel nut socket that was supplied with the car. But it doesn’t fit! What’s going on?

Some wheel nuts are manufactured with a permanently fitted chromium-plated cap. These start off from the factory as a whole size, but over time due to the combination of corrosion and impact tool use, the wheel nuts can swell by up to 0.5mm. Laser Tools to the rescue!

This newly introduced double-ended impact socket (part number 8014) has one end machined to 18.5mm and the other to 19.5mm to overcome this issue. It’s a 1/2in drive impact-quality single-hex socket, with an overall length of 63mm. Particularly good for the Ford 19mm chrome-covered nuts that have swollen.

It is available now from your local Laser Tools stockist, and great value, typically priced at £9.74 inc VAT. Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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