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ITG, the Coventry-based induction technology specialist, continues to update its comprehensive application list for the tuning market. The latest introduction to filter down from the company’s participation in top-level motorsport is an all-new product line: high-performance Maxogen pleated cotton gauze cone filters.

Every product in ITG’s newly expanded portfolio of hand-built intakes sets industry standards in the pursuit of performance and efficiency. The key benefits of this new ITG Maxogen pleated cotton gauze cone filter line include:

  • Maximum filter surface area for maximum flow rate
  • Fine cotton gauze element protected by epoxy-coated wire mesh
  • Choice of unique spun aluminium trumpet or flexible rubberneck for More >


The B-G Oil Bottle Shelf offers a neat and tidy storage solution for multiple oil/fluid bottles in the workshop, garage, truck, trailer, or van.

The B-G Oil Bottle Shelf is manufactured from mild steel with a durable silver-grey powdercoated finish and can store up to ten 1 litre bottles or three 5 Litre bottles, or a combination of each.

The B-G Oil Bottle Shelf can be attached to the wall of a workshop, truck, van, or trailer by its keyhole mounting points.

Price: £59.99 inc. VAT ENDS.


The Lancia Monte Carlo is almost an honorary kitcar! Especially when a few of them have been used as a donor various Italianate rally replicas such as the Lancia Abarth 037, over the years.

Whenever GAZ produces a one-off suspension component for a customer, they then add that part to their catalogue and make it available for other owners of that vehicle model.

This can sometimes lead to some quite obscure parts becoming available. One such example is the GAZ solid suspension mounts for the Lancia Monte Carlo.

These billet aluminium mounts replace the rubber mounts used on production cars and provide a More >


The MOMO Montecarlo is a classic kitcar steering wheel featuring black triangular spokes inspired by the famous MOMO Gran Turismo steering wheel.

The Montecarlo name conjures images of luxury and the top grain black leather does not disappoint.

Although the wheel has classic looks the anatomically shaped grip in the ten-to-two position is a function of modern ergonomic design.

The MOMO Montecarlo is available with a choice of

  • black horn button with black stitching, • red horn button with red stitching, • or yellow horn button with yellow stitching

All are priced at £245.99 inc VAT each and appropriate mounting bosses are also available.

For more More >


Fidanza, Americaʼs leading performance flywheel specialist, has a direct replacement lightweight aluminium flywheel to improve the performance of the classic Triumph Spitfire 1500 and GT-6. Loads of kitcars using them.

The Fidanza 172551 aluminium flywheel replaces the heavy standard flywheel and improves the power-to-weight ratio thus making the engine more responsive and improving performance and acceleration.

The Fidanza aluminium flywheel is made from high-quality machined 6061 T6 aluminium with a 1050 steel friction surface, CNC-machined fastener holes and chamfers with military-grade fasteners. The friction surface of the flywheel (shown with its green protective coating in the image) is a replaceable steel plate, More >


Burton Power has come up with a high-quality reproduction of the alloy bellhousing originally fitted to Ford Escort RS2000 and Mexico Mk2 models and thus is suitable for all sorts of kitcar fitments, such as.

  • Ford CVH to Type 9 five-speed gearbox or Type E four-speed rocket gearbox • Ford SOHC Pinto to Type 9 five-speed gearbox or Type E four-speed rocket gearbox • Ford Pre-Crossflow OHV Kent to Type 9 five-speed gearbox or Type E four-speed rocket gearbox • Ford Crossflow OHV Kent to Type 9 five-speed gearbox or Type E four-speed rocket gearbox • Ford Cosworth BD Series 16v More >


The B-G Aerosol Can Shelf offers a neat and tidy storage solution for multiple aerosol cans in your workshop, garage, truck, trailer or van.

The product is manufactured from mild steel with a durable silver-grey powdercoated finish and is able to store six standard-sized cans and it can be attached to the wall of your garage via its keyhole mounting points.

It is priced at £41.99 inc VAT and is available now from or at the other end of 01268 764 411 or visit their website: ENDS.


If you are building a Cal Look Beetle there will be a few wheels on your wish list and the BRM will no doubt be one of them.

Originals were made from magnesium and now change hands for thousands per corner, but there is another way…

SSP has captured the spirit of the seventies perfectly in their tribute to this classic rim. Manufactured in a more durable and cost-effective alloy, they still sport a ‘wide 5’ stud pattern, measure 5 x15in and have a slightly more favourable offset of ET14.

Finished in matt black with silver highlights they have a purposeful performance look More >


New and in Sealey’s Spring 2021 Promotion you will find their PW2000PA, Pull Along Pressure Washer. This is a lightweight, yet powerful unit, which has been specifically designed for domestic and light trade use.

Its ease of manoeuvrability makes it ideal for a range of applications including cleaning vehicles, patios, decking, motorbikes and barbecues. The PW2000PA sits on two caster wheels, two fixed wheels and includes a Total Stop System (TSS).

This Pull Along Pressure Washer is fitted with a powerful 1800W motor with 400L water flow per hour and a maximum pressure output of 140bar. It is supplied with a 5m More >


New from Rally Design is this neat alternative to the traditional bonnet pin kit. The receptacle assembly mounts to the bonnet and aligns with pins attached to the slam panel. On closing the bonnet, the receptacle automatically latches positively to the pins, it can only be released by pressing the centre button.

Originally manufactured in the USA, beautifully made but very expensive, there are cheap copies out of China, which are not stainless and very badly manufactured.

Blackline has continued its valued reputation of producing a top-quality part at a mid-range price level.


Pins               Stainless (SUS304) M8 x 105mm

Receptacle    Aircraft quality aluminium (6061T6)


Sold More >