The Blackwell SPR1 body conversion is a pretty cool thing and one that often goes under the radar.

The Essex-based company run by Wayne Blackwell has been enjoying some success with their Mazda MX-5 Mk1-based kit and although it’s not a replica there’s some definite Blackpool influence in the styling.

It’s certainly a good way to lift a possibly tired MX-5. Two versions are available – Coupé and Targa with kits priced at £3595 and £3250, respectively.

The packages include GRP bonnet, sills, door skins, rear clam section, a pair of quarter lights, taillights, headlights and indicators.

You’ll require a few extra bits and bobs to finish your kit such as wheels and tyres although other stuff such as fuel filler cap (£88), wheel spacers, Vauxhall Corsa D mirrors (£100), Fiat Grande Punto door handles (£60) and BMW E46 side repeaters (£20) are available from Blackwell Sports Cars.

Prices for Mazda MX-5 Mk1s have been on the rise, but Wayne still reckons £5500-£6000 will build you a good example.

More information from or 07538 477 572 ENDS.