It used to be the case that if you wanted a professional-quality paint repair carried out on your car the only option you had available was to take it to a bodyshop or book a visit from a Smart Repairer and pay an expensive, professional-sized bill. Thankfully, with the ribbon now cut across the virtual doors of the Touch Up Paint Factory, those costly days are long gone.

Bringing the latest surface technology to the UK market, the Touch Up Paint Factory offers the most cutting-edge Paint Pens, Paint Pots and Aerosols available in over 250,000 colours – or to put it another way; in any colour for any car from any manufacturer – all backed up by the TUPF’s 100 per cent Colour Match Guarantee.

A 100 per cent Colour Match Guarantee? It’s not too good to be true. Forget the days of messy and mismatched touch-up repairs, if the paint the TUPF supplies isn’t a perfect match to the car’s original colour code it will replace the paint till it is, or simply offer a full refund.

For small scale repairs, the Touch Up Paint Factory offers Paint Pens and Paint Pots in a range of configurations depending on the colour and job in question. The Pens are a new and revolutionary product to the UK market, and both them and the Pots feature the TUPF’s unique ‘All-in-One’ system, a state-of-the-art paint formulation that mixes the custom colour base pigment (the colour beneath the clear coat) with the clear coat additive (the clear protective UV stable topcoat).

This brand new ‘All in One’ technology developed by the TUPF allows the user to achieve a far superior repair in much less time than when using a traditional two-stage (paint first, and then a separate clear coat) style product

Not only does this cutting-edge system mean that a far higher quality repair can be achieved with a quick and easy one-step process,  it does away with any chance of the shade of the colour changing or ‘blobs’ occurring caused by the paint and topcoat being applied in two separate stages.

For larger repairs the TUPF offers a range of Aerosol products from single cans of Colour Coat – again, covered by its 100 per cent Colour Match Guarantee – to full ‘Everything You Need’ packages that include 1K Epoxy Primer, Grip Coat, 1K & 2K Clear Coats and more, alongside all the accessories and kit that might be required to get the job done too.

Customers can search for the correct paint for their car in one of four easy ways; by its registration, its colour code, its colour name or simply by make and model. Achieving professional-quality paint repairs at home (without the professional-sized bill!) has never been easier!

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