One of the most useful and ideal products for kitcar owners is the Fire Safety Stick.

I’ll let David Coutts from one of the product’s UK distributor’s, tell us more:

“There’s nothing not to like from its compactness, lightness, no mess or residue, longer discharge times, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, recyclable, etc.

“Plus, with potential issues that the recent introduction of E10 fuel could cause, a Fire Safety Stick adds insurance and peace of mind for ANY kitcar owner.

“We’ve sold many to rally competitors where AFFF hand-helds are simply not up to the job but we have also supplied them to offices, workshops, homes, caravans, motorhomes, tractors, combines, buses, vans, boats, etc.”

Two versions are available (there are eighty distributors around the UK) – a 50-second version (typically priced around £82.50) and a 100-second version (typically around £102).

You can link to the following video to see the Fire Safety Stick in action here

More information is available via ENDS.