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During the winter months, preventing damp and the build-up of moisture in a garage with valuable cars and bikes can be a headache. Even if a garage is regularly visited, some can suffer from damp, due to their location. Using a dehumidifier can help prevent mould damage to organic materials like upholstery or rust on metal parts.

After nearly five years of development by Meaco involving gathering feedback from over 2000 customers about what they liked and disliked about their Meaco dehumidifiers, Meaco launched the MeacoDry Arete One, a machine that can simply be switched on and left to get on with the job of preventing damp. The overriding feedback was that dehumidifiers have too many buttons which can be confusing, but the Arete One does all the work, working out humidity levels and fan speeds, so simplifying the whole process.

As the relative humidity changes Arete One will constantly be checking and adjusting its performance to keep things under control. When the relative humidity is 15 per cent above the target relative humidity, Arete One will run in maximum fan speed to bring the relative humidity down as fast as possible.  When the humidity has been reduced below that figure then the machine will slow down to the low fan speed.  This results in the best balance between fast dehumidification and the lowest possible noise level.

A feature that makes the new Meaco Arete One unique and is a game-changer for anyone with valuable possessions in a garage or infrequently visited space, is the optional add-on water pump allowing for continuous drainage so the dehumidifier will not stop when the water tank is full. The pump fits inside the Arete’s water tank and will lift water away to a height of 2.5-meters, emptying into a sink or out a window.

This has been exclusively designed for the Arete One 20 and 25L dehumidifiers and is powered by the dehumidifier’s own internal power supply. It requires no tools to fit and comes with a 3m drain hose. The advantage of an integral pump rather than using a hose to drain into a bucket, and then pump from there, is that it provides fail-safe protection if the pump fails; the other method would see water all over the floor.

As well as ease of use, a deciding factor when buying a dehumidifier was noise levels. Meaco addressed this by developing its quietest dehumidifiers ever produced.  At 40dB and 41dB they are twice as quiet as the industry standard. When not being used in a garage, it can be easily moved into a home, using its cleverly hidden casters.

The Night Mode is another customer-led feature that will ensure a good night’s sleep for all, as in this setting every light is turned off, fan speed drops to the quiet low mode, and there are no bleeps or sudden noises. An Arete customer commented, “This new unit is much quieter than the old one and definitely extracts water more quickly despite only using an extra 40 watts or so. I’m also pleased that (like the old model) it allows the use of HEPA filters and they are reasonably priced.”

As Arete One comes with a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter, it doubles as an air purifier, especially useful for users with health concerns, or with babies and young children. With more people becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of clean air in the home, the filter was designed to be 75 per cent larger than on previous Low Energy models, delivering effective year-round air purification. This can easily be cleaned from the side without having to move the unit. Arete One can be used to clean the air during dehumidification or as a stand-alone air purifier throughout the spring and summer months.

Arete One comes with a five-year part and labour warranty. A warranty of this length is unique in the industry, and a further sign of the confidence Meaco has in the quality of the Arete range. On the launch of Arete One and the initial feedback from customers, Chris Michael, Managing Director of Meaco commented, “We are very proud of our British design and the extremely positive feedback we are getting from customers.  Arete is a game-changer for British families, making living with a dehumidifier so much more of a joy.

Customers can just switch on the machine and know the job will be done, without having to worry about it.”

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