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PRW Industries makes lots of performance parts, but we think the company’s rocker arms are worth a closer look. From stamped steel roller tip rockers to full-bore shaft rockers.

Pro Series Stainless Steel Rocker Arms

These rocker arms are manufactured from strong, lightweight stainless steel for excellent fatigue resistance and won’t deflect so valve timing stays rock-solid. Other features include full-cage needle bearings for reduced friction; extra-large trunnions to spread out load and reduce wear; heat-treated steel roller tips and shafts and minimise valve stem scrubbing; CNC-machined pushrod cups; and RockerLoc locking nuts.

Available for small and big block Chevy; Chevy 348-409; GM More >


Great to see the Chesil marque exhibiting at last weekend’s Classic Motor Show at the NEC. Now owned by Westfield Sports Cars, two examples of the superb Porsche 356 Speedster replica were on the stand.

For those that want Beetle-power and running gear for their Speedster, the Classic model comes with a 1600cc air-cooled engine although 1800 or 2-litre upgrades are available along with many other options.

Comprehensive kits start at £29,995 inc VAT with turnkeys from £32,995 inc VAT. Don’t forget that Westfield complete kits come with everything you require to build a car.

Also available is the Chesil E, which denotes More >


Superb new product from Gardner Douglas Sports Cars that looks great, works beautifully and future-proofs your classic.

It’s a precision-made, CNC-machined billet alloy modular upright, developed in association with All British Precision Ltd.

Featuring a ‘dovetail’ engagement, it has a universal centre for both front and rear applications. The upright also has a quick-change wheel hub bearing.

Alternative geometry pick-up points are available making the system adaptable for endless applications.

The package features complete front and rear corner assemblies, comprising top and bottom lugs, centre housings, wheel hubs and bearings and all fasteners for assembly. The units cost £2750 inc VAT.

How good will these More >


It’s probably fair to say that since it was launched in 2016, the Jenvey range of Heritage DCOE Throttle Bodies has revolutionised the classic kitcar market – as well as the classic car scene, too, of course.

The Shropshire-based company has been busy meeting demand for their range in the intervening three years but have just announced three new addition to their Heritage range.

First up, is a complete new Jenvey manifold and water-pipe designed to suit the Jaguar XK straight-six engine. The company’s marketing manager, Emma Jenvey told me: “There is a gap in the market for this manifold, which we have now filled! More >


Eco-Trailer has become one of the specialist car industry’s favourite trailer manufacturer’s and they’ve just introduced a new addition to their range in the shape of the Velocity iQ, which features a brand-new chassis (said to be 30 per cent stronger and 6 per cent lighter), with improved aerodynamic efficiency.

The iQ also features a wider and lower rear access ramp which is also now 10kg lighter.

The company now uses ‘Hexagrip’ oil-resistant flooring, which is also easier to clean along with an all-new Alko 400kg-rated jockey-wheel that auto-retracts. The winch is rated at 1600kg with standard features including tilt-bed, Wi-Fi reversing More >


I have to admit that until very recently I’d not heard of car care brand Tenzi from Poland. I’m glad I have now, though! A brand established over 20-years, the products are available in 50 countries on three continents. I like their mantra of ‘advantage through quality’, too. Poland is a big player in the world of car care, incidentally.

It was a friend of mine who suggested I explore their Detailer range. As I said. I’m glad I did.

We’ll be doing a standalone introduction to the Tenzi brand in the upcoming January/February 2020 issue of TKC Mag and also thanks More >


Autosparks is a hive of automotive electrical know-how and among their many products is a semi-assembled kitcar harness that in addition to being completely road-legal, have all the mandatory functionality to comply with IVA requirements.

It’s been created for enthusiasts who have a reasonable understanding of vehicle electrics and all harnesses are supplied with a comprehensive wiring booklet to aid installation.

Auosparks offer two types of kitcar harness in standard or deluxe forms with the latter having more functions and the potential to add more modifications such as a radio feed, ECU, heated front screen feed and the ability to work with More >


For many kitcar owners, reversing can be a chore, whether it be due to poor visibility, misted-up rear screen or difficult angles. Then, of course, there’s the possibility of someone walking directly behind your car.

This new bulb from Better Car Lighting is a novel upgrade. Not only does it throw out more light but it also emits an audible beep. Best of all, it only uses a fraction of the power of a standard bulb. There’ll be no doubt that yep, you are definitely reversing if you fit one of these.

There’s no issue with fitment and if you can a More >


Innovative dashcam manufacturer, VIOFO, has announced the latest product in its popular A129 range, the Pro Duo 4K dash-cam. The flagship model in the range, the device has high-quality ultra HD 4K for front camera recordings as well as many features that ensure drivers are covered as long as they are in their vehicle such as buffered parking mode providing ultimate peace of mind and evidence when needed.

The dashcam is also able to connect to a rear camera to achieve dual-channel recording. The A129 Pro Duo is available for £229.99 from Amazon.

The dashcam provides high resolution, true 4K Ultra HD videos for road front with 3840 x More >


Mick Covill is well-known on the classic rally scene with a particular passion for classic Lancias.

He is also the man behind Rally Legend Replicas and offers Lancia Delta S4, Lancia 037 and Metro 6R4 replicas. They are only available in turnkey forms.

Mick’s 6R4 is, incredibly, the third replica of the 6R4 available in the UK, with Speed 3 and RS Motorsport producing the others.

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