Never a week or month goes by without news about MK introducing a new product or acquiring an existing one.

Well, news this week is that the Rayne, Essex-based company has taken over the range of models formerly produced by Raw Striker, which in recent years have faded from view although have always remained available.

This brings the Striker, Phoenix and Fulcrum under MK Sportscars’ control using the ‘MK’ name rather than ‘Raw’.


The trio of new arrivals join the MK Indy range and various elements of the old AB Performance business as well as the Kit Car Direct operation under MK’s control.

I’ve never driven a Fulcrum, primarily due to the Bulmers never having a demonstrator but the Striker and Phoenix are not only old friends of mine they are two of the best kitcars I have ever driven. Both were designed by Jeremy Phillips, of course.

To help cope with the extra models MK has added a new 2000sq/ft building to their facility which will act as a dedicated showroom.

More information from or 0203 432 9679 ENDS.