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Cable-Tec is a worldwide control cable manufacturer and cable supplier, providing a wide range of control cables for an even wider range of applications.

Automotive use plays a big part in their activities being suitable for road and motorsport use. Cables are often required quickly, to a bespoke design and therefore produced in small batches. Cable-Tec is geared-up to work within such conditions and requirements.

Their inventory includes cables for clutch, handbrake, gear-linkage, push/pull, throttle and clutch while they also produce gear-shifters and related hardware like clevis pins, ball-joints, clamps and a host of other parts. Most parts can be turned around More >


Tiny, tiny screws! Always a massive pain in the backside! When one chances upon them there’s a damn good chance that you don’t have a screwdriver to undo them. Am I right?

You’ll end up trying to force a screwdriver that’s inevitably too big into the screw cap and then curse when you can’t get any torque to undo it. We’ve all been there.

That’s where Matador steps in with the latest Mini Screwdriver 4-in-1 Pen tool. Maintaining their usual craftsmanship and high standards of quality that the German brand is renowned for, this extremely handy little tool features a pair of reversible More >


Quick Heat is specially formulated to get the heat from your engine into your heating system faster in frigid climates. The product does two things… it gets you warmer, faster and melts ice and frost from windows more quickly.

It is safe to mix with all types of anti-freeze. Simply pour one bottle into your radiator/cooling system and feel the warmth.

What Quick Heat does, to get a little technical, is reduce the surface tension of the coolant in your system and stops tiny bubbles from forming (cavitation); this increases the efficiency of the transfer of heat from the coolant to your More >


Webcon has offered a Weber manifold for the Rover V8 engine for some time, but with two carburettors positioned on each cylinder head this has proved a little too high for some applications.

Now, Webcon has revised the design and positioned the four Weber IDF carburettors in a line along the manifold between the heads, much like the early Aston Martin V8, creating an overall lower profile.

The manifold comes complete with linkage, cable and a stud kit. Order as part number MM4473 at £2038.80 inc VAT. A complete kit with four carburettors will be released later in 2019.

Available from 01932 787 More >


A new range of 100 per cent brighter xenon HID upgrade bulbs from Ring, the automotive lighting experts, offers drivers with xenon HID technology fitted on their vehicles a better, safer night time driving experience.

Compared to a standard xenon HID, they put up to 100 per cent more light on the road, to get more illumination exactly where the driver needs it. This improved visibility makes it easier to see hazards, reduces eye strain, and, when combined with the high colour temperature of xenon HIDs, gives excellent reflections from signs and road markings.

Carl Harrison, Xenon HID Bulb Product Manager at More >


One of the kitcar industry’s most historic companies is coming onto the market as a going concern as its owner looks to hand over the reins to someone with the ambition to see the marque flourish into the future.

Having been in continuous production for the last 40-years, since 1993 Marlin Sportscars has been run by Mark and Terry Matthews, initially with the Cabrio, then with the Sportster and EXi.

With Mark’s passing in 2014 after a long fight with cancer, Terry has been running the company with the support from her loyal technical team, but she feels the time is now More >


Tiger Racing boss, Jim Dudley, has seen it all in 30-years running Tiger Racing, making some of the UK’s best-loved kitcars. However, the company enjoyed a ‘first’ recently.

Lee Kernich, a customer from South Australia has just built a Tiger R10, the only one believed to have been registered in Australia, overcoming the considerable obstacle of Aussie ADR regulations, at the same time.

To meet the requirement, some adjustments were needed, including fitment of inertia reel seatbelts, strict emission tests including a 90dB noise test, padding on the dashboard, third brake light and an engine immobiliser system.

Lee purchased a comprehensive R10 kit More >



That fits well! Ducati Monster engine fits neatly into an ExoBusa chassis, thus creating an ExoMonster!

Exo Sports Cars always enjoy a challenge. The maker of fine exo-skeletal kitcars has used many different types of engines in their cars over the years. Exo Co-director, Paul Holmes explained: “At Exo, we’re always up for a challenge and when we were asked by a customer if we had a four-wheeled chassis suitable for a Ducati Monster engine, the Exobusa chassis was the obvious choice.”

The customer who ordered it will be having more than one so we have decided to make it a permanent More >


This new range of slot-headed, wooden-handled screwdrivers from Gunson Tools is suitable for a wide range of traditional applications from woodworking and cabinet-making, to classic cars and machinery. The oval section handle gives these screwdrivers a lovely weight and the natural feel of an older and more traditional wooden-handled screwdriver.

There are four slot-headed drivers in the range: part number 77145 is 160mm in length with a 9mm tip; 77146 is 200mm long with a 9.5mm tip; 77147 is 250mm long with a 100mm tip, and part number 77148 is a full 300mm in length with a tip size of 10.5mm. The More >


Small block Chevys were designed to be high revving. Light weight and a short stroke/large bore design let that first 265 cubic inch engine make good power up to about 5000-5500rpm, unheard of in 1955 when flathead Ford V8s ran out of steam at three grand or so.

Today you can build a small block Chevy to make power well beyond 7000rpm with the right parts. One of the secrets to a high-RPM small block is reducing rotating assembly weight. A lightweight assembly can spin faster, so the engine can hit its powerband quicker. It also takes less horsepower to rotate, More >