Tyre dressings are very much an area where personal taste comes into it. Some hate them. Full stop. Others like a satin, subtle finish while others love their tyres to look glossy.

That’s fine but sometimes you’ll find that those mega-glossy ones can end up flinging themselves all over the sides of your car. Avoid cheap and nasty tyre dressings is my advice.

I do like a gentle gloss finish. I take the view that if you’ve spent hours on your paintwork, glass and wheels then why let the side down with dull and faded tyres?

Here’s a great tyre product – a green gel type, silicone-based, from dMax really gives an ultra-glossy finish and importantly stays on your tyres rather than on your paint.

Apply it with a foam applicator, leave it for five minutes and then buff. An excellent and effective product. A 500ml bottle costs £9.99 and lasts a long time.

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