Car care meisters, Autobright claim that their Super Suds shampoo wears a cherry fragrance, which in my view makes it elixir from the angels. However, unless I’m mistaken it is actually cherry bakewell and that moves it into a completely new level of attraction for me.

Back to the foam and the orange-hued liquid delivers a huge amount of foam which is great as is the dwell time of the product which clung onto to the surface of my RPX for nearly ten minutes. That car had lots of caked-on crud flung along its flanks and Super Suds got rid of most of it without fuss.

What it left behind went with the rinse process and/or the next stage of decontamination. When I used the wash mitt to work the product in it felt very slick, like shaving with half a can of that old Erasmic (who remembers that?!) on your fizzog (ask your dad or maybe even your grandad – yikes!)

Autobright’s Super Suds shampoo is pH-neutral and leaves no greasy residue behind while it goes a long way meaning value for money is very high.

Highly recommended.

A 500ml bottle costs just £8.99. GREAT value.

More information from ENDS.