Along with Tornado Sports Cars, the Taylors (Anthony and Carolyn) at Autotune are the longest-serving kitcar company still in the same ownership. These days, their son Richard is pretty much at the helm on a day-to-day basis but his parents are still at the ‘shop’ most days of the week.

A missive from Carolyn is always welcome and this week she wrote to me thus:

“I thought that since I have just come into work this week after a rather long but sunny holiday, I would like to announce to the world that we are here, and we are back on track for doing test drives for anyone interested in a worthwhile leisure pursuit of building up a Jaguar replica, for high days and holidays.”

The Taylors would also be delighted to see some customers build up a car to enter the Jaguar Drivers` Club 4 Hills And a Sprint Championship. It is a laid back ‘drive against the clock’ championship at some great venues.

She told me: “It is more about gamesmanship in the paddock, and ‘where are we eating tonight’, than out-and-out competition. It’s great fun!”

Anyone wanting more information on the Aristocat kit or starting to Hillclimb, please give Autotune a ring on 01254 886 819 or ENDS.