Love this new Impact Alarm Torch from Redline Security which should be of real interest to kit and specialist car owners, which can leave the occupants vulnerable if the ever-present concern of road rage occurs.

In addition to being a dazzling 400-lumen torch, it has a 20Hz strobe light and an ear-piercing 130dB siren/alarm. They provide the motorist with a way of legally protecting themselves should, god forbid, the worse happen.

Two sizes are available. The regular at 15.5cm costing £17.95 and a large version at 22.4cm at £24.95.

In low setting, a single charge can last up to eighteen hours for the XL and nine hours for the Regular. We’ve been using a Regular sized version in the garage and in the back garden and its brightness and intensity have really impressed.

More information from ENDS.