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For more than 120 years, British company Castrol has been at the forefront of oil technology.

Company founder Charles Wakefield launched his first vehicle engine oil in 1906, a pioneering blend of mineral and castor oils that offered unrivalled lubrication properties.

Since then and through many further innovations, Castrol oils have lubricated the beating heart of everything from speed records to Mars missions.

Interestingly, Castrol was the first company of its kind to promote its products through sponsorship, which swiftly led to advertising and merchandising. By 1946, when the iconic Castrol Classic branding was launched, they offered a wide range of workshop regalia More >


Another product from Tenzi’s Pro Detailing range that is a conditioner that is a thick gel that you work into your leather seats and when it dries definitely felt more supple and soft to the touch.

I’m fed up with using leather conditioners, balms and potions that don’t seem to do much.

At £ 17.76 for a 700ml bottle, this one is an excellent product offering exceptional value for money.

More from ENDS.


A great new car battery memory saver for the professional vehicle workshop from Laser tools: if a vehicle’s battery is disconnected, any memory within the onboard electronics can be lost; this could be trip and fuel readings, radio presets, or even a radio code.

This memory saver (part number 7984) features an internal 12V 7Ah sealed battery and is used to preserve the on-board memory and settings. This saves valuable time spent re-entering lost codes. The memory saver is connected to the vehicle via the EOBD port or alternatively the accessory 12V power socket. Leads for both are included.

The unit is More >


I really like the cable tie alternative, Rapstrap and rate them highly. A cable tie is great but a Rapstrap has arguably more versatility because it can be cut and tied again, which means you can get several uses from each Rapstrap thus reducing wastage.

Made from soft rubber, which is resistant to fuel, oil and other chemicals and with pack process starting at just £3 they are a bargain. More from ENDS.


Mirka is bringing the next generation of polishing compound to the market with the launch of Polarshine® 12 Black. This new waterborne, silicone-free polishing compound has been developed with versatility at the forefront of the design process, so users in the marine, composite and ART sectors can use it across multiple surfaces and still be able to achieve a high gloss finish.

The compound can quickly and permanently remove sanding scratches by using P2000 and finer grits to leave a high gloss hologram free finish. It also has the capability to perform on dark surfaces such as dark gelcoats, high gloss lacquers, More >


Mini Spares can supply a limited stretch duplex timing chain specifically for use in race and high performance ‘A’ Series engines as well as the MGB ‘B’ series engine.

The heavy-duty, double row performance timing chain is part of the Mini Spares EVO range of performance engine parts and is the best chain available.

The chain has been produced under stringent quality controls and is made to precise dimensions for perfect engine timing. It is supplied with a removable link, rather than as an endless chain.

Order as part number 2H4905EVO at £25.92 inc VAT.

For more details call  01707 607 700 or via More >


Long established UK classic car parts specialist, Heritage Parts Centre has cemented their commitment to supplying their international customers post-Brexit, by opening a European Distribution Centre in Bremen, Germany.

Stocking the 35-year-old company’s top moving product lines for restoring and maintaining classic Porsche and Volkswagen vehicles, European customers can continue to shop as they did in 2020, without costly taxes and potential delays waiting for parcels to cross the channel.

Heritage’s CEO, Barney Dines explained the thought process behind the move: “Throughout the whole transition period, we have done all we can to remain positive and productive to ensure that we would More >


Cable ties are one of the most used tools in the kitcar enthusiast’s garage along with a big hammer and jubilee clips but how messy do they end up, pinging all over the place in an unsightly mess.

This new product from Amazon called the Cable Ti-Dy and it keeps cable ties neat and tidy in metal tubes that fix to your toolbox or metal surface thanks to the included neodymium magnets.

It’s a neat thing, TIG-welded and powder-coated, you even get some cable ties in the package.

It costs £31 and is available now from the exclusive distributors, or if you prefer More >


New from Bosch is this mobile pressure washer, which they call Fontus.

You don’t need a power hook-up or even an outside water supply.

All you have to do is charge up 2.5Ah battery (£62.18 if bought separately) and fill up the 15-litre water reservoir.

It is ideal if you live in a flat or apartment although if you don’t have an external garage or shed you need to bear in mind that the unit itself weighs about 10kg although bear in mind that 15-litres of water weighs an additional 15kg.

It is quick to set-up and is easy to manoeuvre on the level More >


I really like the new Slick & Slide from Adam’s Polishes. It’s the latest addition to their growing range of products and is a quick detailer or for those more serious car care fiends amongst the readership, it is really best described as a ‘topper’ and in-between washes product.

Adam’s say that it contains unique polymers that give it the hydrophobicity or bead-making ability.

I used it on my two-tone Smart ForFour, which looks great when it’s clean but definitely not when it’s covered in road crud.  Trouble is, not only are there two colours involved here but also a combination More >