As a quick, easy, convenient and accurate method of checking vehicle battery health, Laser Tools have recently introduced their Battery Tester (part number 8206).

This is a compact unit that accurately tests battery health and cranking and charging voltages. Enter the battery details from the battery label and the results are displayed on the easy-to-read LCD screen. The CCA (cold cranking amps) figure can be used to predict the lifetime of the battery, which is displayed by a level-bar indicator on the screen.

With easy-to-understand instructions, engine start voltage can also be measured as well as charging (alternator) voltage. Accurate to +/-0.05V and features reverse-polarity protection. The unit has no internal battery and is mounted in a protective rubber cover.

It is suitable for 12V (9V – 15V) normal lead-acid batteries: sealed maintenance-free, maintenance-free, EFB, and AGM batteries.

An easy and accurate way to check your vehicle battery and available now from your local Laser Tools stockist, typically priced at £84.34 (price includes VAT). Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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