With days getting darker earlier, it can be troublesome to find enough time and light in a day to get done what you need to!

Machine Mart stocks a wide range of free-standing work lights and floodlights to help keep you in action over the winter months.

Their lights are all portable and have an IP44, IP54 or IP65 rating, making them suitable for internal or external use.

They are supplied on a strong, sturdy tripod or with a useful carry handle meaning the range can be used for a variety of purposes.

The Clarke COB10CR is a rechargeable work-light, offering a 650lumen floodlight and 150-minutes working time off a single charge from its 7.4V lithium battery. It comes supplied with a 230V charging adaptor and a 12V vehicle accessory outlet charging lead. This product has an RRP of £31.19 inc VAT.

The Clarke SMD84T features two work lights that each utilise 42 SMD LEDs to provide extremely bright light. Each light has its own On/Off switch with an LED life expectancy of 20000 hours. The tripod has an adjustable height of up 1720mm and handy cable storage hooks. This one retails at £83.98 inc VAT.

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