Our friends at Merlin Motorsport are well-versed in servicing the racing fraternity with various performance and go-faster components, although they have also long been a favourite for kitcar enthusiasts.

Among their product line-up are Odyssey Extreme Batteries ideal for motorsport but also for lightweight kitcars and they are an excellent choice, both lightweight and powerful and built to withstand the extremes of racing and hardcore trackday or road use.

Their increased vibration resistance allows them to endure the constant pounding, extreme heat and vibration which performance engines can generate.

When charging your Odyssey battery there are a few considerations to take into account. For example, it’s important that you use a charger with the correct characteristics. Merlin stocks and recommends, the Numax 10-amp Stage 3 charger and also a specific Odyssey 12-volt charger. You can find everything you need to know by visiting ODYSSEY EXTREME RACING BATTERIES or you call 01249 782 101 ENDS.