Launch UK has unveiled its newest jump pack, the ESP-150 Battery Booster Jump Starter, in time for the winter season.

According to the AA, a flat battery is one of the most common causes of breakdowns in the UK – especially in winter as the cold temperatures cause the battery to slow down and affects its ability to hold a charge.

In perfect timing for the winter season, Launch UK has introduced its new jump starter ready for those moments when a vehicle just won’t start. The ESP-150 Battery Booster is easy to use, store and charge.

Very portable it has a battery capacity of 1500mAh to enable it to jump-start a car up to ten times between charges.

It also features two USB ports that can be used to operate a printer or other devices, a digital display that shows the remaining charge and correct connection of the booster cables.

The ESP-150 Battery Booster pack comes in a handy hard-shell, zipped case with a mains charger and all cables so it can be stored easily in the boot of a vehicle.

Additional features include, current up to 500 amps, multiple outlet cable and multi-function torch with SOS sequence. The product costs £118.50 inc VAT.

You can find out more about the ESP-150 Battery Booster here ENDS