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Many kit and classic car owners are confused about which anti-freeze they should use.

Should it be Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT), Organic Acid Technology (OAT), or Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT)?

Should it be green, blue or pink?

Mini Spares has taken the guesswork out of choosing the right anti-freeze by producing its own Mini Spares brand anti-freeze, which is suitable for ALL classic Mini A-Series engines.

It can be left in the radiator all year round as it is also a summer coolant and contains rust inhibitors to protect your engine’s cooling system.

If you’re interested, it also conforms to ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, More >


DEI makes dozens of different heat-shield products including some that are self-adhesive or can be glued in place. However, sometimes a rigid or semi-rigid heat-shield is required that stands away from the surface a little, rather than be in direct contact with it; for example, when there are wires or fuel-lines that also need to be protected from the heat source.

That’s when the latest stand-off kit from DEI comes in handy.

The new DEI universal mounting kit for ridged or semi-ridged heat-shields comprise six stainless steel stand-offs with mounting bolts, nuts and washers. The kit will provide a 1/2in stand-off.

Order as More >


Here’s a beautiful limited edition Campagnolo Coffin-spoke-style Hawk Stratos alloy coffee table wheel, which is absolutely perfect for your man cave, man den, office, shed, garage or if you have a showroom or a tyre/wheel shop. A perfect Christmas gift for the Italian car nut perhaps?

These wheels are NOT FOR ROAD USE but not just for Christmas either! They are marked and supplied as such. You probably won’t find these anywhere else. Sanctioned by Hawk Cars.

15in x 8in

A very limited run – these are brand new and supplied with fixing pads (to hold the glass in place) and toughened 6mm More >


The MeacoHeat Motion Heater is the perfect product to keep your home warm and cosy throughout any cold spell. Where traditional heating systems use thermostats to maintain a room’s temperature regardless of how frequently the room is used, the MeacoHeat Motion Heater can be used much more economically.

It can be used as a standalone unit for spaces that may be less-frequently used, but still, require heating. A motion detection sensor means the unit will only be activated once a person walks into the room.

When they leave the room, the heater will switch off, allowing the user to save money on heating bills More >


Bright lights are arguably what Christmas is all about says OSRAM and although lights may not be the obvious stocking filler, a bulb upgrade can brighten up that number one car fan’s Christmas. OSRAM’s wide range of high-quality bulbs offers something for everyone.


These award-winning next generation of automotive upgrade halogen bulbs from OSRAM include innovative laser ablation technology – and they are arguably bright enough to light up Santa’s sleigh.

The highly engineered filament enables the bulbs to shine up to 150% brighter while providing up to a 150-metre long beam and 20% whiter light compared to the minimum More >


The Type 9 Gearbox has, for decades, been the preferred gearbox choice for many Ford Escort and Kitcar applications.

However, the gearbox’s standard ratios had a very low first gear, ideal for caravan towing but poor for motorsport applications.

Replacement close-ratio gears have proven increasingly expensive over the years. Now, Rally Design, in partnership with Blackline Gears, has manufactured a limited quantity at a mid-range price.

The ratios selected are those which have proven most popularity.

1st – 2.390    2nd – 1.540    3rd – 1.210    4th – 1.000     5th – 0.870

The gearsets feature:

*  Close ratio gears, quiet helical drive, synchromesh

*  Separate gears assembled on the layshaft

*  Uses More >


The traditional tarpaulin or sail eyelet or grommet is used on many applications, from HGV and utility vehicle tarpaulin covers to boat and yacht sails. Press-studs, eyelets and popper-type connectors are used on a host of different classic car models on their hoods and tonneau covers. Originally fitted by leather-aproned craftsmen with special tools handed down through the generations (probably), all these two-piece grommets, eyelets and press-studs are readily available but how do you fit them now? Reach for these two new specialist grommet and eyelet fitting tools from Laser Tools (part numbers 7881 and 7882).

The 7881 kit is aimed More >


New from Car Builder Solutions are no fewer than six Facet Fuel Pump Kits

Solid State Cube Competition – #FAC2KIT – £52.80 Solid State Cube Fast Road – #FAC7KIT – £52.80 Solid State Cube Road – #FAC1KIT – £50.40 Cylindrical Red Top ‘Works’ – #FAC4KIT – £97.20 Cylindrical Silver Top Road – #FAC3KIT – £92.40 Cylindrical Competition Silver Top Road – #FAC6KIT – £88.80

More from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.



Renaud Sunglasses are totally and utterly uber cool. Ice cold. Created way back in the sixties by a chap called Charles Rolley, who was the owner of the Sea & Suntan Company and he teamed up in 1961 with Botany Menswear to create the first Renaud branded sunglasses.

The brand enjoyed some two decades of unparalleled success and had over 100 patented ideas and over 350 original sunglasses style and often worked with YSL and Foster Grant, while also working with top designers of the day like George Lissac.

When Elvis Presley was filming the film ‘Follow That Dream’ in Ocala, Florida More >


I’ve got a real passion for those amazing little tethered racers aka ‘spin-dizzies’ and am often fascinated by grainy old YouTube videos of them in action, often operated by old blokes in flat caps smoking pipes.

They could easily reach speeds of over 250mph hence the need to be tethered. There were loads of manufacturers of cars back in the day and although they are still available much like bicycle speedway their best days are well behind them.

Those specialists of the bespoke gift, Meandmycar have come up with this superb little Bantam Midget replica (a very collectable pre-war tether car in More >