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Scottish car care brand HB Sauce (love that name!) is known for a small yet superb range of products and they almost have a cult following for their custom paste waxes. Kevin ‘Hugo Brown’ Longman sent me one of their latest limited editions to try out this week – Beadmaster Hybrid wax.

It’s a really hard wax and a little goes a very, very long way. There’s a smell of lime meets Belgian Waffles, if I’m not mistaken. I tried it out on a hot, sunny day and applied it sparingly following an application of sealant.

Sometimes with paste waxes, you have More >


Citrus Soak Degreaser from Mint Classic is an alkaline-based pre-wash and degreaser designed to effectively remove stubborn dirt and grease.

The smell is akin to an oven cleaner with a hint of lemon juice. Oooh, a bit like Cif, I suppose (other citrus-infused oven and kitchen cleaners are obviously available in a store near you!).

You spray this one onto a soiled area and allow it to dwell. You can go direct or via a cloth. Don’t allow the product to dry though and if required give it a nudge with a wash mitt or soft brush.

It actually is an impressive product More >


Mini Spares now offers its own Brake Caliper Seal Repair Kit as a cheaper, but comparable, alternative to the genuine Lockheed kit. The kit is suitable for Minis from 1984 on that were equipped with 8.4in discs. There’ll be a few kitcars there, then!

This rebuild kit also fits the Midget/Sprite 1098/1275cc front disc brake calipers.

The kit includes all the large seals needed to rebuild both pistons in one caliper except for the small bridge seal between the two halves (available separately from Mini Spares as part 17H7679, if required).

The package is easy to install with no special tools required. Order More >


The Royal Automobile Club has announced that the RM Sotheby’s London to Brighton Veteran Car Run will be going ahead on Sunday, November 1, 2020.

Ben Cussons, Chairman of the Club, explained: “It gives the club enormous pleasure to be announcing this news and it’s wonderful that we are able to use the traditional London to Brighton route.

“The event will commence with a rolling start on The Mall and we wish every participant an unforgettable journey to Madeira Drive. It’s now full steam ahead to prepare for this year. I very much look forward to welcoming everyone in November and commemorating the 1896 More >


The first step to returning one of the world’s motoring icons to its true place – on sale in its spiritual home, the UK – took place recently with the shipment to Britain of the two new AC Cobra models announced last month.

The AC Cobra Series 1 ‘electric’ is a faithful recreation of the Cobra but with a modern, emissions-free electric powertrain while the Cobra ‘140 Charter Edition’ features the same 2.3-litre high power engine used by Ford in its latest Mustang Mach-E model.

The cars are each being produced in two limited editions of 58 cars for sale in the UK. That number is More >


As well as producing the superb RPX MG TF – and MGF, don’t forget – body conversion kit, Lowestoft-based RPS Ltd also produce GRP enhancements for MGB Roadster and GT (particularly good for ‘rubber-bumper’ cars) plus the VeeBee Wing kit.

The latest parts to be added to their growing inventory are these cool valances, which are bolt-on items (not bond on as a lot of these are).


The price for individual panels is £138 for the front and £118 for the rear. They can also supply a full kit (with fibreglass grille surround etc), which is detailed on their Facebook listing – More >


Cal Trump 0f T89 Designs is a skilled engineer and offers a selection of racecars in plans form. His latest project is called the Razorbill.

It is a Lola-bodied sports racer/Formula Libre-style project that Cal says is designed to bridge the gap between kitcar, trackday car and out-and-out racing car and is eligible for a variety of open sport race series, sprints and hillclimbs.

It is underpinned by a ‘self-jigging’ MSA-compliant spaceframe chassis with race-proven suspension and brakes.

A true single donor car using a VW/Audi 20-valve turbocharged engine delivering anywhere between 150-400bhp. Incidentally, the body is an off-the-shelf Lola 492 ‘shell which More >


When removing or installing studs, it’s important not to damage the threads. This new stud remover and installer from Laser Tools (part number 7804) lets you remove studs from cylinder heads, etc, without damaging them. It also lets you install new studs tightly and firmly without damaging the new stud threads and enables a torque wrench to be used if required.

Four sizes of remover and installer are provided, covering the most common head and manifold stud sizes: M6 x 1.0, M8 x 1.25, M10 x 1.25 and M10 x 1.5. To remove a stud, screw on the remover until the More >


Sealey’s NEW August 2020 Vehicle Service Promotion is launched on August 1 and is valid to November 30, 2020.

The 40-page promotion is packed with over four hundred products which are specifically for automotive servicing and includes discounts up to 80% off list price and free items. It features over 45 new products, including the MAC04D & MAC05D 12V Digital Tyre Inflators, BT2011 Digital Start/Stop Battery & Alternator/Starter Tester and the TSTPG12 Digital Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge with LED.

Take a look at the new DPF1 and CC230V workshop machines. Cutting-edge technology allows for same-day Ultra DPF cleaning and HHO More >


If you are planning on upgrading from a dynamo to an alternator (or even, but not really likely, a dynator) for your older-type kit possibly featuring (but not restricted to) a Ford sidevalve engine but don’t want to modify your wiring loom or you’d prefer to keep the engine bay retaining its as-original look then 105-Speed has the answer with this Lucas-style ‘dummy’ voltage regulator.

It’s a direct swap for the original – and redundant – regulator and has the added benefit of a 50-amp fuse on the charging circuit.

It has an RRP of £59 and is available via or at More >