Need the perfect period mug for your workshop brew? Castrol Classic has the answer in the perfectly-pressed form of their Classic Tin Mug.

It may be brand new and beautifully enamelled, but everything about this racy receptacle harks back to a gentler time in the workshop, where tappets needed adjusting and the smell of Castrol R permeated the air.

Perfect for your mid-plug-change refreshment, making you look cool in any work meeting, or indeed, sitting on your desk as the ultimate petrolhead pen pot. There really isn’t much this versatile vessel can’t do!

Besides, everyone knows that nothing tastes quite as authentic, while you adjust the tappets on your pre-war British sports car, as a mug of correctly brewed Tetley, from an enamelled mug, with a suitable dunking biscuit alongside. To put it bluntly, if you’re not performing every workshop task this way, you may have to hand in your classic car club membership card.

Priced at just £6.95, drink from it, display it or simply use it to hold those pesky screws. Whatever use you find for it, it’s definitely a true workshop essential.

Order yours at ENDS.