Reducing rattles, knocks, road noise and enhancing your audio experience; there are plenty of reasons for fitting additional sound deadening to your project.

Hailing from Russia, STP were originally a supplier to the Soviet military, however, these days their skills and technologies are channelled into suppressing unwanted noise within automotive and industrial applications.

One key product from their range is an aluminium/butyl damping material they call Black Gold. Sold by the dozen, each 2.3mm thick sheet measures 750mm x 500mm with the potential to cover 4.5 sq.m per box.

Hugely flexible and simple to trim to shape with scissors or a knife, STP Black Gold has a self-adhesive glue layer and can be applied without the need for additional heat. Common application areas include doors, roof, firewall, wheel arches and under the bonnet.

Priced at £99.95 per box, you can find this along with many other STP sound deadening solutions at by searching for part number STP018 or you can call 01273 444 000 ENDS.