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Within the tightly-packaged modern engine bay, access to spark plugs and glow plugs can be difficult, to say the least. This new Swivel Spark and Glow Plug Socket Set from Laser Tools (part number 8066) feature slim, compact, swivel-headed sockets designed for difficult to access areas and the 95mm length allows even deep-seated plugs to be removed with ease.

Six of the swivel-headed sockets are included — 1/4in drive sizes: 8, 9mm x single hex (6pt) and 3/8in drive sizes: 10, 12, 16mm x single hex (6pt); 14mm x bi-hex (12pt).

When fitting new Pressure Sensor Glow plugs (PSG), or refitting existing ones (perhaps after More >


Autoglym, the UK’s leading supplier of aftermarket car care products, has launched a new LifeShine Demonstration Tool to help dealers sell in the benefits of its paint, interior and glass protection system.

The new resource includes an interactive walk-around demo and is designed to help dealers explain the features of LifeShine to customers and prospects and demonstrate its long-term benefits. As a web-based platform, dealers can present LifeShine remotely during a video call with a customer as well as face to face in the showroom (guidelines and company policy permitting).

The company has also launched an augmented reality (AR) app that shows More >


Kit Spares, the parts, accessories and goodies division of Great British Sportscars, has a brand-new updated website which you’ll find at ENDS.


When undertaking repetitive removing or refitting of fasteners, perhaps when stripping down an engine, the use of a cordless drill certainly speeds thing up. But what if you can’t actually get easy access to the fastener?

There’s something in the way, or the fastener is tucked up in a corner and difficult to get to? Laser Tools to the rescue with these two off-line socket drivers, a 1/4in drive version (part number 6374) and a 3/8in drive version (part number 6375), both designed to be used with a cordless drill.

When locked in the straight position it works as a solid, fixed More >


The Tipo184 is to make its global debut at The London Classic Car Show.

Chassis 0001 will be unveiled in front of crowds at the 2021 London Classic Car Show, which takes place on Friday, June 25 to Sunday, June 27 at Syon Park, Middlesex. With this year’s show celebrating ‘The Evolution of Design’, it marks the perfect occasion to unveil the first-ever Tipo184, honouring the revered motoring icon from which it draws inspiration.

Paying homage to the Alfa Romeo 158, raced by the legendary driver Juan Manuel Fangio, Tipo184 evokes memories of one of the most successful race cars of all More >



There are a few classic components on an air-cooled Volkswagen that are regular failure points, and even the most devout of dub fanatics would struggle to argue a case for keeping them in place.

Ignition Points, while very basic technology and simple to service when you know-how tend to adjust themselves and this leads to misfires and other running problems.

By removing this low-tech moving part and replacing it with an electronic microswitch discretely mounted inside your distributor, your engine will perform and respond at a far more constant level. Couple this upgrade with a decent set of 7mm silicone leads and More >


This butane gas torch from Laser Tools (part number 7940) features a twin-flame head design that offers an even spread of heat, making it suitable for many heating tasks: removing bearing and gears from shafts; shrinking metal panel work or plumbing – its compact size allowing easy soldering of difficult to access water pipes.

It is powered by butane gas fuel – normal lighter gas or a propane mix. The flame can be adjusted hard or soft to suit various tasks: soldering, brazing, shrinking, general heating of seized components, etc. Run time is up to 20 minutes.

The torch features a safety More >


The pushrods’ main job is to transfer the motion of the camshaft’s lobes to the valves. They also help with lubrication for many engines by acting as a portal to move oil from the lifter valley into the cylinder heads.

Nobody understands this better than the high-performance pushrod specialists at Trend Performance. Made from 4130 chrome molybdenum, Trend’s one-piece pre-formed, centreless-ground pushrods are perfect for oval track and drag racing, hot rods, kitcars, muscle cars and even marine use.

Features include:

  • Choice 3/8in-, 5/16in-, 7/16in- and ½in diameters in several wall thicknesses •5/16in ball ends machined to a tolerance of +/- .001in • Available More >


When undertaking repetitive removing or refitting of fasteners, perhaps when stripping down an engine, the use of a cordless drill certainly speeds things up. Loosen the fastener with a socket and ratchet handle then remove it quickly with the cordless drill. Make the task even easier with these socket adaptors from Laser Tools (designed for cordless drill use) which feature rotating sleeves that can be held securely while the adaptor is spinning.

Two sets are available: the 6983 set features three adaptors (1/4in drive, 3/8in drive and 1/2in drive) which have different coloured anodised aluminium spinning sleeves for easy identification. The 1/4in drive More >


Europa Specialist Spares are stockists of the brilliant Evans Waterless Coolant, which is a major step forward in engine cooling and engine protection technology.

For cars that run hot – or at normal temperatures, regardless, Evans is a superior fluid for transferring heat in engines because it remains in a liquid state until above 180°C.

Prices start at £23.99 Inc VAT with more information from or 01283 815 609 ENDS.

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