Changing oil is always messy. Now, DEI Powersports offers a way to keep a garage or work area clean and mess-free. DEI’s new Oil Rug quickly absorbs oily spills and drips. It is an inexpensive and simple way to increase safety and cleanliness whether it is in a personal garage or professional repair facility.

Applications include placement under cars when parked in the garage, or benchtop repairs for transmissions, small engines, master cylinders and any project that can cause an oily mess.

The Oil Rug features completely sealed and welded edges and will hold as much as 440gm of oil without leaking after which disposal is required. A plastic disposal bag is included with each Oil Rug.

Oil Rug is now available in three sizes:
Small – Part #010750 (approx. 30cm x 45cm) RRP £5.77
Medium – Part #010751 (approx. 45cm x 60cm) RRP £10.36

Large – Part #010752 (approx. 74cm x 122cm) RRP £33.33

(Prices shown may be subject to import tax, handling and shipping fees)

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