The Toyota MR2 is already a great handling sportscar and was a popular base for many kitcar conversions with its transverse-mounted mid-engine and front and rear MacPherson strut suspension. However, it’s quite easy to improve things even further with a GAZ GHA suspension kit.

The Gaz units are both height and damper rate adjustable. Ride height is adjustable through 80mm of adjustment.

The height adjusters have a coarse acme form thread for ease of adjustment and the damper units are black zinc plated to ensure that they remain in good order even after considerable service.

Damper rates are variable through 22 different settings by means of an adjuster knob on the damper body. Donor struts are required as the brackets and bodies are renovated and reused.

All the units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two-year warranty.

GAZ GHA Coilover Kits for Toyota MR2 retail at £1103.21 inc VAT and GAZ can produce this kit with ‘road use’ or full race valving as required.

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