Burton Power is pleased to announce it can supply genuine Farndon Solid Steel Billet Crankshafts for the Cosworth YB block.

Farndon crankshafts are of high quality and are produced using the very best steel from Corus, one of the world’s leading producers of alloy and aircraft steels. Corus steel is the material most suited to the manufacture of crankshafts. Factory cleanliness and quality standards exceed the requirements of the British standards.

All Farndon crankshafts are heat-treated to raise the core strength of the crankshaft.

Ultrasonic examination is carried out on the rolled bar to ensure there is no cracking. The sulphur content is controlled to give good machinability and minimise the risks of sulphides causing problems with finished components. The crankshafts are nitrided for 72 hours (unless otherwise requested by the customer), this gives the crankshaft a case depth minimum of .5mm to .6mm and a minimum hardness of 750HV. The benefit of this procedure is that it gives the crankshaft a much harder wearing surface.

The Farndon nine-bolt 76.95mm EN40B steel crankshaft for Ford Cosworth YB can be ordered as part no. SC324/77 at £1740.00 inc VAT. Available from Stock. Free UK Delivery.

Farndon is also able to manufacture any crankshaft on a one-off basis. Call Burton Power to discuss.

More information at the other end of 0208 554 2281 or visit www.burtonpower.com ENDS.