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Great to hear that superb Buckland B3 three-wheeler is scheduled for a comeback in 2020.

Originally created by electronics control engineer Dick Buckland the beautiful little device was out of production for many years until John Wilcox of the Penguin Speed Shop based in Flintshire acquired the project and revised it to make it available in kit form, something that Dick had never done.

Newport-based Buckland (he lived very close to the Llanwern steelworks) was inspired by the Morgan F-Type of the thirties and along with assistance from his friend and first customer, Laurie Weeks. The car first broke cover in 1985 More >


Here’s one for our American readers, I guess, but Summit does happily supply  UK- and European-based customers …

Cut from a solid chunk of billet aluminium and available with a whole slew of spoke and grip colour options, Eddie Motorsports Steering Wheels make updating your car, boat, or ATV so affordable you may want to do every vehicle you own.

The three-spoke steering wheels come in six styles: Classic, GE, Launch, Linear, Racer, and SS. Each is available with a genuine wood grip or a durable vinyl grip in one of six colours.

You can further customise by choosing a spoke finish – More >


Jaguar V6-into-Mazda MX-5 specialists, Rocketeer announced before Christmas 2019 that in future they would only be focussing on building fully built Jaguar V6-powered restomods in turnkey-only form.

Since then they have been inundated with requests to continue supplying the Rocketeer MXV6 conversion in kit form.

Rocketeer director, Bruce Southey, told me: “Having supplied over seventy kits already, we had perhaps underestimated the enjoyment derived from the self-build process. After careful consideration, we are pleased to confirm that we will continue to support those who wish to purchase the conversion in kit form. We are currently placing orders for future stock so we More >


I’d been hearing good things about Cleanliness, the concentrated pre-wash product from Angelwax so with plenty of time on my hands to play to indulge one of my favourite hobbies – car care products – at the moment I recently put it through its paces during a full detailing session on one of my cars that although only driven for about ten miles in the previous seven weeks seemed to have half of the Sahara Desert on its bodywork!

Simple to use, there’s a definite oven cleaner type smell mixed with a bit of citrus you dilute it in a bucket More >


A bit like smoking a pipe, I think Turtle Wax was a product that your grandad may have used back in the day but perhaps had faded from fashion for a little while. However, Turtle Wax was clearly watching closely what was happening on the car care scene and the arrival of new car care brands and reacted accordingly with some stunningly good products.

In late 2019 they announced their all-new Hybrid Solutions range, which contains five products within it (at the moment as I think a wax for black paint is on the way to the UK) and these could More >



This is a neat new product from Laser Tools – a four-piece detailing brush set (part number 7744) that’s suitable for a wide range of materials and applications, from engine parts and components to interior vents, buttons and controls, etc.

These are pen-style buttons, which fit neatly in the pocket, just 170mm long with the brush heads retracted. There are four brush types: steel, stainless steel, brass and nylon. The brush length is adjustable, and once you’ve finished and cleaned the brush, it can be retracted into the pen body completely.

The length of brush changes the stiffness of the bristles – More >


These high output heavy-duty industrial drum fans are built for long term industrial, commercial and agricultural use. An ideal solution for fast, efficient cooling in large warehouses, factories and more!

These models produce an excellent amount of airflow, up to 222mᶟ per minute, allowing large areas to be cooled quickly and efficiently. There are two fan sizes to choose from, ranging from a BIG 24in to a HUGE 30in!

All models have a tilt range of 300° and are mounted on large rubber wheels so the fan can be positioned easily and transported to wherever it is required.

Models in this range start More >


Currently on special offer in their Garage & Workshop Promotion for 2020 are Sealey’s – Schumacher® Wheeled RoadStart® Emergency Jump Starters.

Their 12v output sockets can be used as a memory saver, as well as powering accessories such as mini compressors, and with thanks to their retractable handle and puncture-proof Ø200mm wheels they are totally portable.

These two Emergency Jump Starters have heavy-duty clamps with braided links between each jaw for maximum power transmission and the Anderson Connectors allow selection of 0/12/24V and the analogue voltmeter will show you its internal battery level.

For your protection the PBIW4600 & PBIW6200 have an audible More >


Royal Warranted car-care expert Autoglym has launched a truly effective Hand Sanitiser, presented in a handy 100ml bottle that’s perfect for your car, office or home. Many motorists already know that outside of their vehicle, it’s incredibly easy to pick up germs and bacteria – and then transfer these to the many exterior and interior touch points all around the car. Once inside the vehicle, a few seconds spent with this hand rub, soon eradicates the problem, meaning anything you then touch will then be with clean, sterilised hands.

A small win, but an important one as we all learn to More >


I really am impressed by Auto Finesse’s Citrus Power, which has a beautiful orange pong and gets rid of bugs, crud, grime and general detritus that can stick to your car’s bodywork.

It’s also an effective all-purpose cleaner as it lifts dirt and kind of encapsulates it making it easy to remove with a pressure washer. You really don’t need to scrub the surface.

Apart from the heavenly scent, what I like about it is that it doesn’t remove existing wax or sealant as more aggressive APCs do.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £7.96 with a 1-litre offering even better value at just More >