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The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym have expanded the company’s range-topping Ultra High Definition line with a new product that represents the pinnacle of more than 56 years of advancements in car care treatments.

UHD Polishing Compound is Autoglym’s ultimate paint renovation blend, an easy-to-work cream that is designed to make swirl marks and other light to medium paint defects vanish before your eyes.

  • Autoglym UHD Polishing Compound. Pack contains 500ml polishing compound, 160mm medium foam renovating pad (white), 160mm soft foam refining pad (black), and finishing cloth
  • Professional paint restoration and polishing formula
  • Designed to be used with dual action machine polishers
  • Creates More >


These new Facet electric fuel pumps from Merlin Motorsport are designed for carburettor applications.

Merlin boss, Steven Roberts told me: “We receive a lot of enquiries from customers who are trying to replace a worn or sometimes failed Facet Fuel Pump for various applications; from Historic racing cars to diesel generators and dumper trucks.

“There are a few different specifications for the more popular Facet pumps – from the rectangular Solid State fuel pumps to the race-spec Cylindrical Red Top Facet pumps, so we came up with this article to try and help customers how to identify their existing Facet pump so that More >


Ring Automotive has launched a handheld rechargeable inflator to meet the needs of today’s on-the-go consumer.

The new RTC2000 does not need to be operated via a 12V socket. Instead, it operates from a rechargeable lithium battery, making it ideal for motorcyclists and cyclists where there is no 12V socket available.

This flexibility makes it truly versatile for use across numerous applications, including kitcars, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, air beds and sports balls.

Featuring a built-in LED light and digital display with four programmable settings, Ring’s portable tyre inflator is the latest product addition to its award-winning RTC Tyre Inflator range.

It will inflate a tyre More >


Solar power is continuously gaining momentum and popularity and this new solar-powered battery charger from Gunson (part no: 77170) is an effective way to charge and maintain 12-volt batteries. It prevents batteries from being damaged if they completely discharge. It will work in all daylight conditions and is fully weather resistant.

Modern cars draw a lot of power from their battery, powering systems such as clocks, alarms, immobilisers and trackers. When the vehicle is not being used regularly the alternator doesn’t get a chance to top the battery up. Returning from holiday to discover a flat battery is less than ideal. More >


Webcon has announced the addition of the Edelbrock 8715 carburettor spacer to its comprehensive range of Edelbrock parts.

The 8715 is a precision-made, ½in thick, aluminium spacer kit that is used to increase the length of the intake to increase throttle response in the low to mid rev range.

8715 is supplied as a kit complete with gasket, washers, nuts and longer mounting studs and priced at £58.15 inc VAT.

For further details contact Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.  


Swedish automotive magazine, Vi Bilägare, recently undertook a test of eight 225/45 R17 summer tyres and confirmed the Maxxis Premitra 5 HP5 summer tyre as the overall winner.

The test, which was conducted in Mireval, France, comprised wet handling, braking and cornering grip, curved and straight aquaplaning, dry handling and braking, fuel consumption, noise, comfort and rolling resistance. According to Vi Bilägare: “It quickly became clear that Taiwanese Maxxis Premitra HP5 are here to be taken seriously” [translated].

The dry road driving test, comprised of the average lap time of three laps, revealed that the Maxxis Premitra 5 had the fastest lap More >


If you work with engines then sooner or later, you’ll probably burn yourself on a hot exhaust and, when you do, it will spoil your day.

Heat protection specialist DEI has now introduced a couple of stainless steel heat shields to offer a bit more protection against accidental burns.

The shields are made from durable 304 stainless steel and preformed with a curved shape to fit most sizes of pipe. The shields feature two layers of stainless steel encapsulating a layer of high-temperature insulation, that has a direct temperature rating of up to 2000°F (approx. 1093°C).

Half inch (1.27cm) high standoffs provide an More >


When trial-fitting panels a handy and repeatable way of securing them is by way of Cleco fasteners. This new set from Pela Tools features ten Clecos to suit 2.5mm holes, ten to suit 3.2mm holes four x 12mm clamping pins and a set of decent pliers to fix them in place.

All you have to do is drill a hole in the plates to be fastened and then insert a Cleco in the hole and the plates will be held together with 10kg of pressure.

When finished or satisfied with the trial-fit you can remove the Cleco with the pliers. Easy as More >


As regular readers will know, TKC Mag/totalkitcar have always been big supporters of Richard Usher and his Blyton Park circuit so we’ve naturally been following his new project the Great British Car Journey attraction with real interest.

Never one to be deterred, Richard has overcome illness, floods and the pandemic and has this week announced that he and his team will be opening their Derbyshire venue in late May after signing a lease on the former Wire Works site in Ambergate, Derbyshire (just off the A6 between Derby and Matlock). A brilliant venue.

Richard said: “Signing the lease puts us on track More >


When it comes to car care it’s great to use quality microfibre towels and drying towels along with tyre applicator pads and wheel cleaning brushes and the like. An area where I often think could be improved upon is when it comes to cleaning your car’s interior.

There are some lovely potions and elixirs available to clean, condition and protect plastic trim but I have lost count of the times I’ve tried to clean an air-vent or get in tight to a switch on the dashboard or centre console only to be left a bit let-down because I just couldn’t reach More >