This USB-powered 3D print finishing tool (part number 7585) has been specifically designed to allow the user to smooth off thermoplastic materials after 3D printing. Helps to smooth off rough edges and stepping lines between printed layers of your 3D prints. Can be used to remove support material and modify the part after printing if this is necessary.

It rapidly heats up to 200°C in just 15 seconds and has a maximum temperature of 400°C; it features a 1.2m lead and is supplied with a folding stand. It can also be used for model-making and for other uses where thermoplastic needs to be worked and smoothed. Can even be used to finish off plastic car bumper repairs.

Very comfortable to use and extremely easy to control when precision is important. The tool is very good value and is available now from your Laser Tools stockist. It is typically priced at £13.18 (includes VAT). Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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