XPart’s general manager, Stephen George, looking forward to an exciting future for the Hinckley-based MG parts specialists

The last remaining element of the former MG Rover Car Company, the parts division, operating as XPart, became part of the Leacy Motor Group recently.

XPart was sold by MG Rover to the then Caterpillar Logistics organisation in August 2004, which in turn became part of Neovia Logistics in 2012. Now, XPart has become a key part of the Leacy Motor Group, specialist parts suppliers.

The MG parts maestros will continue to operate from its existing base in Hinckley, Leicestershire by the side of the A5 trunk More >


Glue-pulling is an ideal repair process when there is restricted access behind the dent to be repaired. New from Laser Tools is this Puller Tool set (part number 7004), which is ideal for reducing small dents and dings.

It is supplied with 24-assorted glue-pads, including circular and split elliptical pads suitable for a variety of different dent shapes and sizes. Eight different profile glue pads are supplied, three of each.

This is a method of PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) and when used with care, the paintwork will not be damaged. The glue-pads are designed to grip the glue and pull in different More >


Freezetone was founded in Miami in 1978 and manufacture additives and coolants with one of their prime motivations being to advise their customers not to use tap water in their engines.

Anglo American Oil Products has just begun selling Freezetone’s High Performance Waterless Coolant in the UK and is said to be very effective at preventing corrosion and oxidation and boils at a much higher temperature (190-degrees C) and also eliminates hot spots within your engine.

Freezetone High Performance Waterless Coolant is available now at £50.40 inc VAT per 5-litre bottle.

More information from or 01929 551 557 ENDS.

More >


It can be very tempting to take a chance on a cheap set of tools, thinking they’ll be fine but inevitably soon finding out that they are actually un-reliable knuckle-shredders. It’s no wonder that we don’t always do what we should though as known brands can be very expensive.

Draper Tools have a solution with their affordable Expert Quality range and their ¼in 32-piece socket set (part number 16469) is part of the company’s Christmas promotion, which is now reduced to £51.12 inc VAT.

The sockets are manufactured from hardened chrome vanadium steel and the carry case has a foam insert.

Twelve sockets More >


Convenience and quality come together in the design and manufacture of this sturdy powdercoated Wheel and Tyre Trolley: equally practical for transport in the pit and paddock or for storage back at base.

The trolleys are also commonly used by many vehicle servicing workshops or alloy wheel refurbishment companies where wheels need to be easily moved around.

Demountable tyre-friendly round cross-beams reduce the marking of tyres and are available in 1300mm, 1500mm and now 1600mm internal lengths. The height of the top beams can be adjusted in one of three positions depending on the diameter of your tyres and to reduce the More >


We’re all familiar with using heat-shrink material to protect and secure wiring terminals and joints, but now Design Engineering Inc has taken the process one step further and is offering heat shrink tubing in a variety of lengths and diameters to protect whole wiring looms.

DEI Heat Shrink Tubes are professional-grade flexible polyolefin tubing that provides protection from dirt, dust, solvents, and foreign materials as well as excellent electrical insulation and strain relief.

The over-expanded tubing easily fits over the ends of wires and connectors and then shrinks down to 33 per cent of its original diameter for a snug water-tight protective seal More >





Webcon already produces a superb range of fixed and adjustable pressure EFI regulators with single and twin 8mm push on connectors.

Now the company has supplemented these with a range of regulators with -6 connectors.

Pressure                      Colour              Part No           Price 2.5 bar                         Red                  WFR325-6      £92.35 inc VAT 2.5 bar                         Blue                 WFR525-6      £92.35 inc VAT

3.0 bar                         Red                  WFR330-6      £92.35 inc VAT 3.0 bar                         Blue                 WFR530-6      £92.35 inc VAT 3.5 bar                         Red                  WFR335-6      £92.35 inc VAT 3.5 bar                         Blue                 WFR535-6      £92.35 inc VAT More >



Here’s another product that’s going to be attractive to kitcar owners in the shape of a collapsible LED lantern.

There are no large batteries fixed in place, as just three AA-type batteries are all that’s needed here. It features 30-LED modules, which produce useful light that can last several days un-interrupted if required.

The exterior is made from plastic and it has stainless steel carrying handles and there’s also an auto-off function, which is activated when the lantern is folded away, so you can’t drain the batteries accidentally.

The Savisto lantern has a retail price of £14.99 and is available now from or More >


WELCOME to totalkitcar online…

A very warm welcome to totalkitcar online…….We’ve had several readers asking about the progress with our Jakabi Abster magazine build project. Well, the simple answer is the car is here and just awaiting the brand new custom interior currently under-build at those meisters of such things, Intatrim.

Intatrim’s Robin Baugh has been teasing me this week, with several sneak peek shots of the new seats and doorcards and all that’s done is leave my jaw gaping as they look fantastic.

So, as soon as the trim parts arrive the car will just need an MOT and will More >


Seems like 2018 could be the year of the Speedster. Actually, more like the year of the Porsche Boxster-based Speedster.

Latest entrant into that market is DNA Automotive and the Redditch company plans to unveil their first demo car at Stoneleigh next May.

The 386 will be based on either 986 (Mk1) with the 387 using 987 (Mk2) Boxster.

DNA’s boss, Brian Hale told me that it won’t be available in kit form but fully-built examples will cost from around £35,000 plus donor – allow about £5000 for a 986 or around £8000 for a 987.

Unlike some of the other Boxster-based kits that More >