Photo by Gazza Hawkins


Photo by Gazza Hawkins

Peter Alexander is a leading light in the world of Formula Ford and has for many years been a top driver in the category, while his PA Motorsport operation has become a successful racecar preparation company.

If you are in need of a nosecone for your Jamun or a wishbone for a Merlyn then Pete is your man, and his knowledge of FF1600 is implicit. He also owns the rights to well-known marques, Macon and Lenham-Hurst.

If you recall going to Detling in 2004, you might recall seeing a pretty single-seater kit called the Trident. That was Peter Alexander…oh More >



Since taking over the Murtaya project in summer 2013, Andrew Starforth, boss of ALS Sportscars, has, along with wife, Lin, been busy putting the incredibly capable kitcar back on the map.

They made their debut at Stoneleigh in early May, to a good and welcoming response and will make their second kitcar event appearance, along with build agents, Arden Automotive, with the two sharing a garage.

Andrew has worked hard on streamlining the kit packages and generally making the car easier to build and the range kicks-off with the Roadster R at £11,995, the more track orientated £14,995 and the Rally, which More >



Japanese tyre manufacture, Toyo Tires, is one of the most experienced winter tyre distributors and is advising motorists to invest wisely this winter, by equipping their vehicles with the appropriate ‘footwear’ to allow them to cope with even the harshest of weather. Toyo’s extensive range of tyres in all sizes can be purchased from its extensive UK dealer network, either being fitted to the recipient car’s existing rims, or mounted up to an additional set of wheels. Over 90 per cent of the cars on Britain’s roads are covered by Toyo Tires’ extensive range.

It’s a misconception that winter tyres can More >



These new oil absorbing pads from Gunson (part no: 77130) absorb oil, brake fluid and petroleum-based fluids but repel water-based fluids to ensure efficiency in your clean-up operation and keep the workshop floor tidy.

The large pads are 100 per cent polypropylene construction, strong, durable and offer terrific absorption – 2.6-litres per pad. Each one is 1000mm x 800mm, and has a plastic film backing to keep hands clean when handling. They are supplied in a re-sealable pack of three.

The pads can be used indoors under machinery to catch leaks, drips and spills (great for underneath marine engines) or use them More >



With winter approaching, roads can become treacherous. Maintaining your car tyres is a must to ensure optimum road-handling and performance.

Tyres are the only point of contact a car has with the road. It is therefore vitally important for motorists to check their tyres regularly. Correct tyre pressure also benefits the environment by maintaining optimum fuel efficiency, and reduces CO2 emissions.

To help motorists maintain optimum tyre pressure, Ring has added to its award winning range of air compressors, the RAC635 preset digital air compressor. It comes with a large and clear readable digital display. The improved design includes a rotating dial More >

Welcome to totalkitcar - now, we all love a Mk1 Escort but this one really is a kitcar. See it at totalkitcar LIVE


Welcome to totalkitcar - now, we all love a Mk1 Escort but this one really is a kitcar. See it at totalkitcar LIVE

Welcome to totalkitcar online………We were at Brands Hatch on Tuesday for a press-shoot for totalkitcar LIVE and brought along three superb kitcars that highlight perfectly the sheer diversity of this great industry. We had the RSR ESCORT with stunning Radical SR8 V8 bike power, a roadgoing Formula Ford car from one of the country’s leading exponents of the Ford-powered single seater art, Peter Alexander, in the shape of his new MACON MP and arguably the industry’s very best More >



Edelbrock has expanded its line of Super Victor II intake manifolds for big-block Chevy applications to include CNC port-matched versions.

These single-plane intake manifolds are designed for use with large cubic inch big-block Chevy engines using the latest conventional port heads. They are ideal for any 1000+bhp drag race engines with high airflow requirements.

They utilise modern casting techniques to create smooth, thin and extended divider walls for optimal ‘out of the box’ performance. They have improved runner designs, resulting in increased runner area in the plenum. It also features an extra large carburettor outer flange with a 5in square opening for More >



Due to the high costs associated with the replacement of plastic panels (bumpers, inner wings, headlamp bodies, engine covers, motorcycle bodywork, etc), this new kit from Power-TEC (part no 92418) was developed to repair small to medium-sized damage that could render the component unusable.

It is suitable for the general garage and workshop when a quick and robust repair is necessary, without the expense of a professional plastic welding kit. The butane gas-powered welder is small and convenient – thin plastic parts can be welded due to applied heat being contained in a small area.

The device has the advantage over similar More >



When working in small, tight areas, it is often difficult to see what you are doing, although Ring Automotive’s new Tool Light, can help.

Just like cordless drills that come with a light to illuminate work areas, the Tool Light will fix to a screwdriver or spanner, so operators can see what they are doing clearly in close quarter work spaces. The light comes with a magnetic base to fit securely to the shaft of a screw driver or a spanner and includes batteries.

The Tool light was will automatically light up when attached to any metal surface which is conductive, while More >



There are numerous uses for an air hammer, probably too many to list, but once you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you did without it. This new air hammer from Laser Tools (part no: 6031) brings professional quality at a very affordable price.

With a range of optional attachments snapped in to the quick-change chuck, the Laser air hammer can be used to cut sheet metal, making light work of removing rusty or damaged panelwork and floorpans. The air chisel attachment will quickly remove rusted-on exhaust pipes, drift attachments will remove stubborn or seized door hinge pins (or even valve guides More >