With over 1000 kits sold the Fury is not only one of the finest kitcar around it is also a decent seller in specialist car terms.

Designed by Jeremy Phillips of Sylva Autokits in 1991, it has kept a low-profile in recent years, although Fury Sportscars, run by Steve Hughes in Cranbrook, Kent, are very much still around.

They earn the largest portion of their crust from general kit-building and restoration work these days but they are also kept busy with spare parts and remedial work on older examples of the Fury.

It’s the sort of kitcar that puts a smile on your More >


As modern petrol engines get smaller in capacity, they also get physically smaller as well. These tight dimensions and clearances mean that the (smaller) spark plugs are deeply recessed and you will invariably find that your trusty spark plug socket will not fit into the recess.

Reach for this new thin-walled spark plug socket set from Laser Tools (part number 7295). This is a three-piece, 3/8in drive set of dedicated spark plug sockets that feature very thin walls to fit these narrow, modern spark plug recesses. Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel to keep them strong, they also feature a rubber insert More >


The power of the re-imagined and the recreated is undeniably strong at the moment. Retro cars made modern is now a trend for any number of cottage industries turned massively successful businesses in recent years – firms like Singer for its 911 recreations and Eagle for its E-type re-imagining have chiselled out a niche in the classic car marketplace that’s almost impossible to better. There’s good reason for the obsession as well – modern underpinnings with retro good looks makes an awful lot of sense – practicality with new age performance and economy…What’s not to like?

That’s only part of the More >


This new one-man brake and clutch bleeding tool has an automatic operation that makes it possible to bleed your brakes without any help.

Simply fill the container and pump (working pressure 2bar/30psi), while the reservoir holds 2.5-litres of fluid, enough to bleed the entire system, suitable for use with ABS systems. The 42mm cap suits most European vehicles.

The product wears an RRP of £45.94 inc VAT and is available from 01227 792 792 or via ENDS.


The new 20v Series has been designed to suit users from DIY enthusiasts to the professional. These body-only tools offer a one-battery-fits-all solution with a choice of 20V lithium batteries ranging from 2Ah to 4Ah, meaning costs can be kept down whilst quality remains high. Quality, stylish, lightweight tools with durable composite housing and a soft grip make them comfortable and easy to use.

The models are available to purchase individually, but in order to achieve the biggest saving of over £140.00 – go for Sealey’s five-tool combo.

The five-tool deal consists of:

A powerful cordless drill/driver with hammer function, a 2-13mm keyless More >


Great news for fans of classic rallying and motorsport everywhere as Speedline has decided to bring the classic Type 2013C six-spoke wheel back to the market – a rim made simply iconic during the heyday of the WRC in the nineties on cars the like Subaru Impreza and Toyota Corolla in both WRC and Group A guises.

For years these original wheels have been changing hands for big money amongst competitors, who value both their ability and authenticity. Owners who wanted to keep their car period perfect for historic events have long been requesting the reinstatement of this wheel to the More >


WELCOME to totalkitcar online

Welcome to totalkitcar online……..The future for the Speedster replica? Visited Redditch-based DNA Automotive this week for a first look and a go in their new 386, a car that they describe as not a Speedster replica but the ‘Speedster reborn!’

Notably, the car isn’t based on the ubiquitous Beetle donor, rather a Porsche Boxster, which brings modern touches to a Speedster such as heated seats, central locking, air conditioning and a 260bhp engine.

It’s not available as a kit, turnkey only, but it really is rather special. The other really notable thing is the size of the car. A Boxster dwarfs More >


Arguably the most successful of the eighties crop of Lamborghini Countach replicas, the Prova marque has returned to production.

The men behind the project were former Panache Cars founder, Paul Lawrenson and Peter Jackson, an air conditioning engineer, who had been working in Saudi Arabia when he first saw the Countach and became immediately smitten but couldn’t afford the asking price of £40,000 for a new one.

When he returned to the UK he teamed-up with Ged Dunbar. Paul Lawrenson fixed the moulds and he and Jackson started Prova Designs, using a Lee Noble-made chassis, a spaceframe from 16g with Ford Granada More >


I’m a big fan of the French product, Owatrol Oil, which is a superb paint conditioner and rust inhibitor.

Its versatility is its strength and it can be used as a standalone product or added to gloss paint which gives it a Downing Street-style mirror-like shine, helping the paint to flow beautifully.

As a rust inhibitor, it’s one of the very best, penetrating the rusted surface, driving out moisture and air and is ideal for use on chassis as well as machinery, engine parts, trailers and tanks.

Oh, and if you condition paint with it, Owatrol Oil prevents peeling.

Various sizes are available with More >


This Universal Deburring Set from Laser Tools (part number 7291) is ideal for engineers, mechanics, plumbers or any tradesman that requires various deburring tools. It includes four different blades packaged into one handy tool.

Two curved blades are included, ideal for curved and straight edge work. The black passivated blade is manufactured from SUJ2 high-carbon chromium alloy steel, for extreme wear resistance – it is especially suitable for steel, aluminium and plastic. The brown passivated blade is HSS (high-speed steel), its hardness making it suitable for brass, cast iron and stainless steel work. These two blades are mounted onto the tool More >