loved this limited edition VW Beetle in Bottle Green Metallic at Slim’s last Saturday

Chemical Guys and Auto Finesse are just two of the brands stocked by Slim’s Detailing

A bit of machine polishing instruction

I popped over to sunny Enfield last Saturday morning to Slim Detailing store, not only to pick up a few essential supplies of a car detailing nature but also to take in their open day, which was quite an important one for the company’s bosses, Andrew and Stuart Moring, as it would have marked the 101stbirthday of their grandad, Slim Moring.

He was quite a character, old Slim and More >


Dzus Fasteners have been used in aviation since they were invented by William Dzus in the early 1930s; their use progressed into motorsport in the post-war years when they were first utilised on Joe Garson’s Kurtis-Kraft midget racer, ‘Bullet’.

Today they are recognised as the standard form of quick-release, vibration-proof fastening for metal panels.

Aeroflow now has a multi-function Dzus Fastener Tool that features a dual-head that is compatible with both sizes of Dzus fasteners as well as curved blades that match the form of the fasteners themselves.

The Aeroflow Dzus Fastener Tool is manufactured from billet aluminium to a lightweight ergonomic design More >


In addition to their existing range of automotive cable, Connect Workshop Consumables has recently introduced a new range of mini reels of high-quality cable in a variety of colours and capacities from 5-amp up to 27-amp.

Three varieties of speaker cable are also included in the mini reel range. These are general purpose low voltage cables manufactured to BS 6862, suitable for use in automotive and marine applications in temperatures up to 70°C. The PVC insulation is resistant to petrol, diesel and lubricating oils and the cable is supplied on a convenient plastic mini reel.

The 9/0.30 (nine strands of 0.30mm diameter More >


Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more new products for the classic Mini, GAZ has come up with an all-aluminium bodied, fully adjustable, a lightweight damper for the classic Mini, and therefore kitcars using the donor parts from the same.

Fitting GAZ dampers to a kitcar enable the bump/rebound rate to be adjusted to suit the conditions and driving style by means of an easily accessible knob on the side.

GAZ can set the dampers up with valving for general road use and they will also be suitable for the occasional track slalom and sprint use; alternatively, they can More >


A little car care brand who quietly go about their business, while also producing great products is Blue Goblin Car Care.

One of the best, in my opinion, is Afterglow, a rapid detailer that goes on easily and most importantly comes off easy, too.

Applied via a spray trigger, it provides a durable, hydrophobic layer, helping to protect your paintwork and lasts for weeks. It also leaves a deep gloss on your car’s paintwork and is said by Blue Goblin to help keep wax and sealants active for longer.

A 500ml spray bottle costs just £9.95 and is available now via the good More >


Excessive heat can easily damage brake-lines, transmissions, hoses and electrical wiring – not to mention your skin! DEI Flexible Heat Shields use a combination of advanced textiles and an innovative stand-off bracket design to dissipate heat thus protecting susceptible components as well as arms and legs.

Flexible Heat Shields are rated to offer protection from heat up to 1350°F, making them the ideal solution for any automotive or marine application where local heat protection is needed. They are of specific safety value around hot exhaust pipes on motorcycles, kitcars, quad-bikes and other off-road vehicles.

DEI Flexible Heat Shields come in a choice More >


Aqua from Alien Magic is a car care product I really like. It’s a nano hydrophobic wet coat product that really works amazingly well.

It’s easy to apply, has amazing hydrophobic effectiveness (it beads, basically) and outstanding wet coat gloss, and there are huge benefits in using this product from the experienced detailer to the weekend enthusiast.

The versatility of Aqua means it is ideal for painted, plastic, chrome, vinyl and glass surfaces imparting an extra deep high gloss shine, unrivalled fast drying action, free from spotting or streaking in the rain.

You just spray it onto your car’s body once it’s been More >


In case you haven’t noticed, OEM manufacturers have replaced traditional hydraulic power steering with electric power steering and the latter eliminates heavy, bulky hydraulic lines and pumps, so it’s lighter and can be packaged to fit in tight engine compartments, like those of kitcars.

They made the switch for fuel economy reasons, primarily but the advantages of electric power steering make it ideal for updating your kitcar, classic car, muscle car, truck, or street rod to modern steering.

Summit Racing now carries EPAS Performance electric power steering kits that make the swap a cinch. The kits use an electric motor and a More >


Sealey has added 100-litre capacity wheeled bins to their range. Made from durable polypropylene, they are also available incorporating a quick release foot pedal for convenience. The dimensions are 595 x 570 x 765mm.

A solid rear axle houses two Ø200mm wheels and the three robust handles allow the bins to be moved easily, even when full. Red is recommended for plastics, green for glass, black for general waste and blue for paper, but they can be used as desired.

Copies of the Summer Promotion are available from your local stockist, or you can view or request a copy online.

For further details More >


Burton Power has recently released a range of stainless steel wiper arms for some of the older classic British Fords thereby ensuring that their wipers will continue doing their job and looking smart for many years to come.

Available for: 5.2mm wide for Ford Anglia and Lotus Elan. LHD. Part no: WIPERARM52L pair £33.94 inc VAT. 5.2mm wide for Ford Anglia and Lotus Elan. RHD. Part no: WIPERARM52R pair £33.94 inc VAT. 7.2mm wide for Ford Escort Mk1, Cortina Mk1/Mk2, Capri Mk1, Zephyr/Zodiac Mk3/Mk4 LHD. Part no: WIPERARM72L pair £33.94 inc VAT. 7.2mm wide for Ford Escort Mk1, Cortina Mk1/Mk2, Capri More >