The days of using any old polish on your car have gone. Nasty chemical-laden jollop that smelt horrible and took all your skin’s natural oils away, while leaving white dust on your bodywork. Of course, that was if you could actually get the product off the paint’s surface and if it was a sunny day, then forget about it.

One of the reasons we’re big fans of the products of Kent-based Cödeclean is that they are easy to use and work supremely well. Unlike some companies who offer far too many products, Cödeclean’s line-up is quite short by comparison.

Last weekend I More >



I’m quite taken with this new arrival on the North American scene.

It’s called the Catfish and is based on Mazda MX-5 and hails from Bauer Ltd, located in San Diego, California.

Underpinned by a spaceframe chassis, the company uses a lot of parts from the donor including engine and gearbox. It seems to causing quite a stir in the USA and I can’t help wondering how it would fare in the UK.

With a modern, stylish GRP body and an ultra-fashionable donor it could do well. In its homeland, the kit is priced at a reasonable sounding $13,900…

More information from ENDS.

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I first became of these tyre stickers from American company, Tredwear, when Jon Freeman of AK Sportscars fitted them to his new AK427 demonstrator. Reading more about them and the lift they can give to cars used for show purposes or on track, is quite considerable.

Speaking to the company this week, they supply them to customers all over the world, with their home US market un-surprisingly being the most popular. Their ‘Billboard Tyre Letters’ come in a variety of sizes (1in, 1½, 2in, 2¼in and 2½in) and available in many well-known tyre brands including Goodyear and the kitcar industry’s favourite, More >



A really useful and very effective product we’ve been using in the workshop lately is Tectane PS697.

It’s very good at protecting chrome from tarnishing, especially in winter and it’s as easy as just spraying a light coating onto the surface and offers long-lasting protection from corrosion, oxidation and dirt.

After the wax has dried it leaves a sticky, water repellent film, which is all-but colourless and resists road-salt and is heat resistant to 100-degrees C.

Tectane products are available from a variety of outlets including Toolstation and with more information from ENDS.



Webcon has just launched their new Domed Screens for 45 DCOE / 44/48IDF and 48 DCO/SP /48 IDA carburettors.

These are simple mesh domes that are an ideal alternative to running with open trumpets, and offer a basic level of debris ingress protection. Domes supplied in pairs and are a push-fit into the air horns, and are able to be adjusted slightly with pliers to suit slight variations in air horn diameter.

For 45 DCOE/44/48IDF carburettors order as 9900804500  or for 48IDA/48DCO/SP carburettors order as 9900804800 with both variants priced at £41.39 inc VAT per set.

For further details contact Webcon UK on More >



Mini Spares can now supply an idler gear and roller bearing kit for the pre-A-plus 1275 engine.

This is a great way of repairing worn idler gear casings or converting to a quiet set of drop-gears for tuned road cars and kitcars running this engine.

The teeth are cut to pre-A-plus gear design, as per Cooper S and cost £199.42 inc VAT per set and wear order number C-22G943 with more details from or 01707 607 700 ENDS.



This new extension bar set from Laser Tools (part number 6081) supplies ten essential tools for driving sockets, especially useful for the modern engine bay where space is at a premium and accessibility can be difficult.

As well as the four usefully sized, 3/8in drive extension bars (75mm, 150mm, 250mm and 460mm), are a sliding T-bar, universal joint, 5/16in and ¼in bit adaptors and a 3/8in drive to ¼in drive reducer. All manufactured from chrome vanadium for strength and a long, robust life. Also included is the innovative and functional aluminium quick swivel handle — the extension bar goes straight through More >

WELCOME to totalkitcar online...


WELCOME to totalkitcar online...

Welcome to totalkitcar online……..We’ve all seen umpteen video laps of the Nürburgring usually highlighting the mis-fortune of others. However, here’s a really impressive one. A Lamborghini Aventador being used by Pirelli for tyre testing. The story goes that the test driver had a spare couple of hours and noticed that the nigh-on 14-mile circuit just happened to be free and available, so made a call to Lamborghini’s HQ in Sant Agata to ask permission….the result was a stunning sub-seven minute lap that needs to be seen to believed…..

Getting some very good response to the PETROL & PISTONS More >



Our mate Duncan Cowper is well-known for his on-track driving exploits over the years, most recently in a rather mad, yet beautifully built, Rush, now looking resplendent in its new colourscheme.

The car, with expert engine expertise from ex-F1, Mountune and Janspeed spannerman, Geoff ‘of the jumper’ Page, has recently undergone a bit of a rebuild. Some of this has revolved around the turbocharger.

Dunc enlisted the help of Turbo Dynamics, experts in their field with an enviable list of credits. The Christchurch, Dorset-based company uprated the compressor wheel for one of their far more efficient 76mm billet compressor wheel, with a More >



Well-known for their tuning, preparation and rolling-road prowess, Northampton Motorsport, has just gone one better with their superb and unique, ‘Carb Injection’ kit, initially devised for the Jaguar XK engine (3.8- and 4.2-litre), seen here, although other options are planned.

Almost too good to cover up with a bonnet, the kit has been designed in-house and really is very, very clever, with hidden throttle position sensor and Bosch injectors. The ensemble has been tested to 6-bar.

The package improves drivability, control and sophistication of fuel injection, while retaining the classic look of carburettors and the kit includes, three Northampton Motorsport-designed DCOi injector More >