It’s well-known in motorsport and kitcar circles that John Hewat is a dab-hand with the spanners and he devised the excellent three-seat; central driving position Aeon GT3, of course. More lately he’s been marketing the MGF-based Blaze body conversion and Blaze R model.

The latter is now under the control of Mark Grimwood of Halling, Kent, who acquired the project about two-days before totalkitcar LIVE and hot-footed to Brands Hatch on Saturday for his public debut as a kitcar manufacturer in our special display area.

He was very encouraged by the response to his new demonstrator and has announced a body/chassis kit More >



New seven-drawer tool cabinet from Rally Design will be attractive for many. It features all-steel construction in a durable black powdercoated finish weighing at 57kg, fitted with 5in castors.

There’s a tough top tray with handles and seven drawers with ball-bearing sides and this quality item is available now from £287.40 inc VAT.

More information at the other end of 01227 792 792 or ENDS.



Ever since Tim Dutton first launched his first amphibious vehicle, other companies have regularly asked if he would sell them his ‘jet’ unit for fitment into other makes of craft. Until now he’s always refused arguing that it would diminish the trademark Dutton. However, he’s now given it further thought with more info

Similarly, Tim has finally given into the frequent requests for producing amphibs for promotional work, but having recently supplied craft for broadcaster, Stephen Fry and Virgin Media, Tim told me: “I have give up saying no to that and full information is available via

The new website More >



B&G Racing has introduced a revised design for their String Lines, which now feature more adjustability to fit an even wider range of vehicles.

These items represent the easiest and most accurate way to achieve four-wheel alignment on almost any car. They attach to the vehicle using the rubber-coated hooking arms with the string bars split into three sections giving the possibility to make the bar wider or narrower depending on your requirements.

They have a number of pre-machined grooves to help locate the strings, making them adaptable to cars of different widths. The kit contains front and rear adjustable frames, hooking More >



Worn, damaged or rounded-off wheel nuts can be difficult to remove and resorting to a hammer and chisel or an angle grinder can harm the operator as well as damaging the wheel stud. The special profile of these deep wheel nut sockets (part no 5965) from Laser Tools is designed to securely grip and bite into the damaged nut resulting in speedy removal.

The set of three 17mm, 19mm and 21mm sockets are manufactured from high strength SCM440 grade alloy steel with a manganese phosphate surface finish and supplied in a handy case for neat storage in the tool box.

The set More >



Power-TEC has just introduced a new range of compact aviation snips, available in three cutting styles: part numbers 92426 (right cut), 92427 (left cut) and 92428 (straight cut). The handles feature a colour-coded thermoplastic rubber soft grip (industry standard: green – right cut, red – left cut, yellow – straight cut), the compact heads allowing them to be used in confined areas and the short jaws can easily cut a tight radius.

Well-balanced and comfortable to use with a very smooth cutting action, the compound action (aviation style) can cut up to 1.2mm (18-gauge) stainless steel.

These professional snips are available now More >



Flat batteries are the number one reason for a breakdown call-out, especially at this time of year. They can be attributed to lack of use or only being used on short journeys, something is draining the battery, there’s a fault with the car’s charging system or a general fault with the battery itself.

With traditional lead-acid batteries, short journeys do not provide the opportunity to recharge properly. This undercharging can result in sulphation that affects the batteries ability to hold a charge.

Ring’s new range of Smart Battery Chargers has been designed to prolong the life of a battery, but can also More >


Leading car care company, Gtechniq has introduced a new range of products designed to work alongside manufacturer’s coatings.

Rob Earle, managing director of Gtechniq, said: “We have worked hard to develop this new range of maintenance products. It’s not easy to formulate a product that will perform to the highest specifications, removing the likes of heavy road grime, tar, bugs and fall out, while working to protect coatings.

“All of the new products from our snow foam to bug remover are non-caustic and will not harm any paint protection coating whether it be a super durable ceramic Gtechniq coating, or another sealant More >

Welcome to totalkitcar LIVE - Superb image from last week's end of day kitcar owners parade at Brands Hatch (totalkitcar LIVE). A great image. Thanks to Chris Westgate of the Scamp Owners Club for the photo...


Welcome to totalkitcar LIVE - Superb image from last week's end of day kitcar owners parade at Brands Hatch (totalkitcar LIVE). A great image. Thanks to Chris Westgate of the Scamp Owners Club for the photo...

Welcome to totalkitcar online………a genuine and sincere thanks to everyone who came along to totalkitcar LIVE at Brands Hatch last Saturday…

I also really appreciate all the kind feedback and encouragement. While I remember, the event will DEFINITELY take place in 2015 – November 14 – so please put the date in your diary. I t looks like being one of just TWO dedicated kitcar events More >

RSR Escort runs a Radical RPB V8 bike engine delivering 460bhp


Starring on the advertising material in advance of totalkitcar LIVE has been a glorious Fury, the new road-legal, single-seater Macon MP and Lloyd Wright’s stunning SHP Engineering RSR Escort kit package… yes, a Mk1 Escort kitcar.

RSR Escort runs a Radical RPB V8 bike engine delivering 460bhp

Actually, it’s targeted at those who have a passion for a classic Escort but want something a little different. It’s suitable for either road or track and is supplied as a kit package that includes tube steel spaceframe chassis, twenty-piece GRP bodykit, rear axle assembly with Watts linkage, Quaife rear hubs, front uprights, pedal More >