New from Car Builder Solutions is this 12 Volt Electric Air Conditioning Compressor.

With only 18cc to 24cc displacement capacity per revolution, the unit can achieve higher RPM to obtain optimal cooling capacity with conservative power consumption and 2000- to 6000rpm is available depending on the application.

The compressor controller is mounted internally within the main housing and cooled by the suction flood back to the compressor. This also cools the internal brushless motor to operate the internal drive system.

A set of PAD to O-Ring adapters is recommended with this compressor to allow the use of more common 3/4-16 and 7/8-14 Female O-Ring Fitting.

Mounting is via three 9mm diameter through-holes in the top and bottom of the main body casting.

The cooling capacity is 2.2Kw and it comes with a smart protection function. When abnormal conditions occur, it will prevent compressor damage. Soft starting function prevents high current impact during start-up.  Dustproof and waterproof.

2VACCOMP is priced at £1198.80 and is available now via 01580 891 309 or ENDS.