Hot air isn’t a good thing if you’re an engine with a turbo or supercharger. Boost makes horsepower, but it also creates a lot of heat. The more boost, the higher engine temperatures can get. The next thing you know, you’ve got detonation issues and big problems.

A Snow Performance Stage 2.5 Boost Cooler solves that problem by injecting a water/methanol mix into the engine’s air intake. The system’s VC-50 progressive controller uses a MAP sensor to inject the mix in proportion to manifold boost pressure – the higher the pressure, the more water/methanol mix is added.

This dramatically lowers engine temperatures to reduce the chances of detonation. Water/methanol injection also cools the incoming air so the engine gets denser, oxygen-rich airflow. That improves drivability and even frees up some horsepower.

Snow Performance says you can see a temperature drop of up to 100 degrees. As an added bonus, the methanol can increase 91 octane fuel a full 25 points to 116 octane race-level gas. That’s a big plus when you’re running lots of boost and high compression on pump fuel.

Other features include:
• Supports up to 1000-plus horsepower
• OEM-quality injection pump rated at 300 PSI
• Set injection start points and monitor system with the included handheld controller
• Methanol-resistant stainless steel, nickel-plated, and hard-anodized parts
• Hyper-Sonic water/methanol nozzle with 80-micron filter
• Stainless steel braided line with -4AN fittings

The Snow Performance Stage 2.5 Boost Cooler is made in the USA and can be used on any carbureted or fuel injected engine with a turbo or centrifugal supercharger.