Sold in the UK for over 36 years, the Airmaster range of air compressors are great value highly reliable machines and are available now via Machine Mart.

These air compressors are ideal for DIY and semi-professional garage, or home workshop use for any job involving spraying, nailing stapling, inflating and more.

The range of high spec belt-driven compressors feature single-stage, two-cylinder pumps and overload protection. All units also include fully automatic stop/start control, twin outlets with on/off tap, outlet pressure regulator with gauge and tank pressure gauge.

With several brand-new models being added to the range soon, the Airmaster range offers either 8- More >


Liqui Moly may be better known for their range of oils and lubricants but they also have a large lineup of car care products including their Detailer-Rackschnell Flege or rather a Quick Detailer for the UK market!

It is a highly effective gloss sealing spray with an innovative protective formula. For quick, easy paint care without polishing. Removes light dirt such as dust or water stains and gives the paint a radiant deep gloss.

It is said to seal clean painted surfaces for several weeks and offers excellent water beading as well as long-lasting protection against road salt and general crud and detritus.

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Brompton has just released their latest bicycle called the Brompton T Line. The fashionable and much copied range of innovative folding bikes originally created by Andrew Ritchie are still incredibly popular.

The T Line is still clearly a Brompton, but it’s said to be a re-design from the ground up. A brand-new drivetrain, electric motor, new gear ratios (testing said to have taken place in major cities around the world to perfect them), titanium frame and carbon-fibre the new four-speed model weighs under 8kg.

Prices start at a hefty £3770 but for that you get a complete work of art, albeit a More >


If your kitcar is a bit of a handful to manoeuvre due to heavy steering that requires Popeye-amounts of spinach on your part then EZ Power Steering kits could be the answer.

The electric system is speed-sensitive and thus helps out more on slower bends or when parking or turning in tight spaces. The good thing is that it is mounted out of the way and the driver can adjust the amount of assistance it gives via a potentiometer.

The products are produced in Japan and Netherlands-based EZ Power Steering has agents and outlets all over Europe and the UK. I have More >



A donor car wiring loom won’t do for custom projects like kitcars, street rods and extreme off-roaders.

You need things like more circuits and relays for all of the creature comforts and longer wires so you have enough to connect all of your accessories. Painless Performance Pro Series Wiring Harnesses have you covered.

Available with 23 or 25 circuits, the universal-fit harnesses have extra-long wire for each circuit, allowing you to route the wiring as you wish. You also get front and rear ground harnesses to make grounding your lighting circuits a breeze.

Other More >


Bridging the gap between a traditional wheel cleaner and heavy-duty fallout remover, Reactive Wheel Cleaner is an advanced surface cleanser capable of chemically dissolving brake dust and other ferrous metal contaminants, all the while being gentle enough for regular use on all painted and powdercoated wheels.

Designed to react with the sharp, corrosive metal shrapnel (derived from hot brake dust) often found embedded in wheel finishes, Reactive safely removes these harmful ingrained contaminants by liquifying the particles into the solution, allowing them to be safely rinsed away without scratching.

Reactive also contains a blend of deep-cleaning detergents to quickly remove the harshest More >

95.7 TIMES SEVEN = 670!

Caterham Seven sales grew by a remarkable 41 per cent over pre-pandemic levels last year, with the 670 orders taken in 2021 not only smashing the 442 received in 2019 but beating the marque’s previous best tally of 667.

The record-breaking benchmark was all the more impressive due to the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the lack of limited-edition models launched during the previous twelve months.

With 2017 seeing the release of the highly successful Seven SuperSprint, which sold out in days, 2021’s figure came largely on the back of strong sales of series-production models.

The new Seven 170, and the overwhelmingly More >


Magnetic tool and parts holding pads are certainly very versatile and useful – keeping the tools or components in place as you work.

However, Laser Tools reckon you should try this Laser Tools Racing-branded version (part number 8275)! Eighteen super-strong magnets embedded inside the 300 x 210mm nylon pad ensure that even heavy tools or parts are held securely. The pad holds up to 15kg, therefore Laser Tools claim that it will hold a brake disc vertically or upside-down (please don’t try that – ed!)

This magnetic pad ensures that when a ferrous tool or part is placed on it, even when More >


Created to capture every detail, the MiVue™ 798 Pro dashcam provides 2.8K QHD 1600p footage with 145° wide-angle viewing and F1.8 aperture. Day or night, the high-quality camera captures everything, including registration plates* and tail-lights.

Designed with Sony’s high-quality STARVIS CMOS, the MiVue™ 798 Pro produces footage with superb contrast, clear and rich colours, even in low-light conditions. High video quality is quintessential, whether you want the footage to record memories to stay with you forever or to share with your insurance company for a claim.

MiVue™ 798 Pro provides Full HD 1080P footage at 60 fps. When compared with 30fps, this More >


Sealey’s four-shelf Extra-Wide Galvanised Steel Floor Cabinet is ideal for factory, workshop or even home garage use.

The GSC110385 is floor standing, has lockable double doors, comes supplied with four keys and is fitted with four adjustable shelves and base storage giving you space for all tools and devices. 

This cabinet features two rear wiring grommets that allow power-tool batteries and other devices to be charged while in storage.

View the full range and browse Sealey’s latest promotions at ENDS.

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