The Clarke IBC4 Battery Charger offers an eight-stage fully automated charging cycle which delivers 4A of charging. It is suitable with all types of 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries and for safe use, it features anti-spark, reverse polarity as well as short circuit and overload protection.

Charges Battery Types           Lead-Acid

Max Charge Amps      4

Charge/Boost  6 & 12V V

Charges batteries up to           120 Ah

Available for £23.98 inc VAT

The Clarke IBC50 is a high-performance top-quality start/charger ideal for garages, motor dealers and fleet operators offering ten intelligent charging stages in order to diagnose, recover, maintain and condition the battery.

It is suitable for all types of 12V lead-acid batteries up to a capacity of 100Ah. With a portable design and convenient carry handle, the IBC50 is easy to use and it also has anti-spark protection and protection for reverse polarity, short circuit, overheat, overcharge and overcurrent.

Max Charge Amps      20

Charge/Boost  12 V

Charges batteries up to           100 Ah

Charge Indicator         Yes

Available for £101.99 inc VAT

The Clarke WIBC250 is a heavy-duty intelligent battery starter/charger, perfect for use in garages and body shops etc. The charger is designed with a built-in intelligent microprocessor making the charging process faster, easier and safer.

Large wheels allow easy movement around the work area and the large ammeter at the top of the device provides a clear display of output current while in use. Multi-function charge and start modes make the WIBC250 a versatile piece of kit for any workshop or garage. The device is compatible with 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries, with a capacity of up to 550Ah.

Charges Battery Types           Lead Acid inc GEL/WET/AGM

Max Charge Amps      50

Max Boost      250 Amps

Charge/Boost  12 & 24 V

Charges batteries up to           550 Ah

Charge Indicator         Ammeter

Available for £190.80 inc VAT

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