As major Quaife dealers, Burton Power can now offer the Quaife ATB Differential for the Ford English 22-spline axle (also known as the Timken or Banjo axle).

The Quaife ATB Differential is suitable for earlier English Fords including myriad kitcars.

The unit is a direct replacement for the standard ‘open’ differential and unlike a conventional plate-style limited slip unit, these units employ gears, rather than clutch plates for a much smoother operation.

The Quaife ATB automatically biases the torque, to a constantly varying degree, away from the spinning wheel across the axle to the wheel that still has traction. It never locks up. Thus, controlled power is delivered to all the driven wheels, maximising traction and minimising wheelspin, particularly in slippery conditions.

The Quaife ATB 22 Spline Differential can be ordered as part number QUALSD1 at £560.00 inc VAT

Further details available at the other end of 0208 554 2281 or via ENDS.